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BicycleTouringPro.com is a website dedicated to helping people of all ages, incomes and backgrounds get their start in the wonderful world of bicycle touring. Since its creation in late 2007, Bicycle Touring Pro has inspired thousands of people and given them the confidence and resources needed to conduct the bicycle tour of their dreams!

Over 500,000 readers a year come to BicycleTouringPro.com in order to read Darren Alff’s tips, reviews and advice about bicycle touring. On the website you will find more than 1,000 free articles, 250+ videos and thousands of additional photos about bicycle touring and world travel. Plus, new content is being added all the time!


kross trans line trekking bicycle Top 100 Touring Bikes – The Best Touring Bicycles - A touring bicycle is a bicycle designed specifically for bicycle touring (also referred to as “cycle touring, bike touring, bike travel, bicycle travel, and bike-packing”) – the act of riding a bicycle for days, weeks, months, or even years on end as you travel across entire cities, states, and countries under your own power (without […]...
Pushing a loaded touring bicycle uphill in Wales Don’t Ever Tell Someone That Bike Touring Is Easy - I don’t think you should ever tell someone that bike touring is easy. It’s not only bad advice, but it’s potentially dangerous and does nothing to make the newcomer feel better about his or her bicycle touring plans. If you’ve ever perused the online forums about bicycle touring, you’re bound to have run into someone […]...
camper in hammock 10 Things I Enjoy Most About Bicycle Touring After 14 Years, 50+ Countries & Thousands of Miles - When I first started bicycle touring at the age of 17, I had no plans of making bike travel an ongoing part of my life. I figured I’d complete my month-long bicycle tour down the Pacific Coast of the United States and then I’d go off and get a job, get married, have kids and […]...
Sibiu Romania small square My One-Month Hiatus In Beautiful Sibiu, Romania - When I first started planning my travels for 2014, I originally planned on cycling around Ireland for a while, then going on a road trip around Ireland with my friends Fee and Johanna, and after than spending the next month-and-a-half cycling around Scotland and England in the United Kingdom. But I didn’t like my time […]...
man hitting himself in the head “Been There, Done That” – What These Four Words Really Mean & Why You Should Consider Never Saying Them Ever Again - I absolutely hate it when I hear people say, “Been there, done that.” There are so many things to dislike about the expression… and here’s why I suggest you remove it from your vocabulary: While the phrase, “Been there, done that” is an expression used to signal that one has been in a similar situation […]...
airbnb-example-room Free AirBNB Coupon Code: Huge $25 Savings For First-Time Renters on AirBNB.com - Now YOU can travel the world while lodging in unique, luxurious and affordable accommodations with AirBNB.com! Grab your FREE $25 dollar AirBNB coupon code right here: http://bicycletouringpro.com/blog/airbnb AirBNB is a website that makes finding a place to stay anywhere in the world both easy and enjoyable. They provide you with the ability to search online […]...
DCIM100GOPRO Photos From My 2012 Bike Tour Across Romania - In the summer of 2012, I cycled from Istanbul, Turkey to Poznan, Poland, while along the way crossing through Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. One of the many highlights from this multi-month-long bicycle tour was my time in Romania – a country that I knew nothing about when I first […]...
Adventure Cycling Association - Bicycle Touring Pro Grab A Free Membership From The Adventure Cycling Association (A $20 Value) - The Adventure Cycling Association is giving away 150 FREE memberships to BicycleTouringPro.com readers! To claim your free membership (a $20 value), simply click here. Your free membership includes: 9 issues of Adventure Cyclist magazine Discounts on Adventure Cycling maps Members-only access to special areas of the AdventureCycling.org website The Cyclosource catalog – the organization’s book, […]...
adventurer casey link traveling with a packraft and bicycle This Guy Has Been Using A Bicycle And A Packraft To Travel Across Europe For More Than Two Years - 27-year-old Casey Link is traveling across Europe on a bicycle with an inflatable packraft attached to his rear rack. When he runs into a road, Casey packs up his bicycle, deflates his raft, and straps all of his earthly possessions onto the back of his bike. But when Casey reaches a river or lake, he […]...
cycle touring the dingle peninsula Cycle Touring In Ireland – What You Need To Know - Ireland is one of the planet’s most sought-after bike touring destinations and a place that many people, the world over, dream of visiting, if only once in their lifetime. The steep seaside cliffs, the lush green mountains, and the safe, colorful towns attract millions of tourists from all around the world. But what is Ireland […]...


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Who is the Bicycle Touring Pro?


Darren Alff is the Bicycle Touring Pro. Alff shot to fame in the bicycle touring world when he went from being a 17-year old high-school kid, riding across America on a dusty old mountain bike, to the Bicycle Touring Pro, after having cycled across North America six separate times, and after having traveled by bike through more than 50 different countries all around the world!

Darren Alff is the celebrated author of “The Bicycle Touring Blueprint” and now coaches individuals who are new to bicycle touring so that they may have a safe, successful and enjoyable experience while following his teaching, tips and shortcuts.

“The Bicycle Touring Blueprint” has sold over 5,000 copies since it’s release in 2009 and the information contained inside this unique system details everything you need to know in order to conduct a self-supported bicycle tour of your own. The book is a modern, step-by-step guide to bicycle touring, written by the world’s most prominent bicycle touring expert and handed to you on a silver platter. Simply follow the steps in this trademarked bicycle touring system and then hit the road on the bike tour you’ve been dreaming about.

Over the years, Darren Alff has been regularly featured in magazines, newspapers, radio interviews, and other online publications. He has worked as a guest writer for the Adventure Cycling Association, Cycling Utah, Adventure Monkey Magazine and countless online publications.

In addition to his work at BicycleTouringPro.com, Darren Alff is also the founder of GoBicycleTouring.com, a website where people from all over the world can quickly and easily find the best guided and self-guided bicycle tours on the planet.

Alff is also the author of three additional cycling-related books:

  • The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles – a book designed to help first-time bicycle tourists find the type of bike they need to conduct their very own bicycle touring adventures.
  • Stretching for Cyclists – a short and beautifully photographed how-to book designed to help you prevent injuries and stay limber on your bicycle touring adventures.
  • Winter Cycling – the definitive guide on how to keep cycling the whole year round – regardless of the cold, wet or snowy weather you may encounter in your part of the world.

Darren Alff has dedicated his life to helping others conduct the bicycle tour of their dreams. His websites, books, email newsletter, products and public appearances now inspire and assist more than 150,000 people each and every month.

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