African Bikers Mountain Bike Tour – Day 8



After one week of intense mountain bike riding in South Africa, our group of nine took a well-deserved break from the bikes and spent the entire day resting and relaxing at the Rooiberg Lodge in a remote section of the country.

Harry and Kirsten didn’t want a rest though… and so they decided to go on a long bike ride on the roads surrounding the lodge. The rest of us, however, spent our day relaxing by the pool, reading a book, taking photos of the numerous tortoises that we found strolling around the property and/or went hiking in the hills nearby.

I spent the morning working on my computer in the main lodge.


In the afternoon I went on a hike with Julia (and Michi) and did some strolling around on the property by myself.



In the evening, we all gathered together once again for a three-course meal in the lodge and prepared for another day back on the bikes.


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