Guided Bicycle Tours: Find Your Perfect Tour Right Now!

Adventure awaits! It’s time to head off on your own guided or self-guided bicycle touring adventure! But how do you find a tour company that will provide you with everything you need to make your bicycle touring dreams come true?

One way is to use the search engine here at (powered by SWAE Sports) to find incredible bicycle touring adventures currently being offered in hundreds of countries and destinations all around the world.

To search for your ideal bicycle touring adventure, simply use the search box below…

… or visit the following address: to see some of the featured bike tours currently being offered.

About Darren Alff

Darren Alff is a world-renowned authority on bicycle touring and is the founder of - the world's most popular bicycle touring website and how-to information source. He is the author of "The Bicycle Touring Blueprint" and three additional cycling books. Darren has dedicated his life to helping others conduct the bicycle tour of their dreams. His websites, books, email newsletter, products and public appearances now inspire and assist hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world.

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