My Interview With “Bike Friday”

Bike Friday HomepageI recently had the pleasure of traveling to Aruba with a Bike Friday New World Tourist folding bicycle. I posted a few short articles (here, here, here, and here) about my new bicycle and received quite a bit of feedback.

Some people wrote to ask me about the bike and how it handled. Others wrote to tell me that they already owned a Bike Friday and that they absolutely loved it! Some even sent me pictures!

In fact, I recently surveyed the readers and asked which folding bike companies they were most familiar with. As it turns out, Bike Friday was by far the most recognized brand of folding bikes. Dahon ranked #2.

Today I’ve got a special treat for you! An interview with Bike Friday’s Marketing Director, Hanna Scholz. If you are even the slightest bit interested in folding bicycles, it’s certainly an interview worth listening to.

Interview Length: 19:04

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Click here to download this interview…

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  1. Jack
    June 22, 2008 at 7:36 am ·

    Hi Darren, You inspired me with your Bike Friday story. I had been toying with the idea since the 2006 Cycle Oregon ride and after reading about your trip to Aruba I purchased a Pocket Rocket from Bike Friday. I got it just last week and so far it has been great. Still in my 30 day warranty period, but I don’t think there is any chance I will be returning it.. I would be interested in a copy of your DVD.

    PS… Is that snow on the ground in your initial ride video? I can see why you chose Aruba.

    You’re doing quite a job with your web site. Keep up the good work.

    I’m not quite sure how to attach a picture of my Pocket Rocket on this site so maybe I will find another way.

    Take Care

    Bike Friday

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