Completing My Paragliding School In Romania With A High-Altitude Flight From Bunloc

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I had signed up for a 10-day paragliding course in Brasov, Romania when I first arrived in the city and had spend a total of 14 actual days over the course of the following month training for my one final high-altitude flight from a nearby hill that the locals call “Bunloc.” I was afraid I would be unable to get this one big flight in before leaving Romania, but I managed to squeeze it in on my very last day in Brasov.

I ended up getting two total flights in actually. The first one was rather short and ended quite well. The second flight was much longer, as I found an updraft and was able to remain in the air for more than 20 minutes before landing in an open field at the bottom of the mountain. On the landing, however, Robert (my instructor, who was in the air above me) feared that I might be about to crash into a nearby house, but I landed safely and without running into anything.

I had a great time learning how to paraglide in Romania… and if given the opportunity again, I will certainly fly again!

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  1. gabi

    September 20, 2013 at 1:00 am

    I did this flight too a couple of years ago. Not by myself, but i loved every minute of it.

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