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A number of readers have written to me asking if they might be able to make a donation towards my cause.

I don’t want to push you to make a donation, but if you’d like to make one it would certainly be appreciated. My goal with this site is to inspire people to travel by bike… and to motivate a new generation of bicycle travelers to get off the couch, go outside and explore the world.

I do all of the work on this website by myself. All the interviews, videos, articles, and website design is done by me (Darren Alff) in my free time. There is no company paying me to do this. I’m just doing it because I love to travel by bike and help other people accomplish their goals.

If you do decide to make a donation, please know that every cent you contribute will be put right back into the website or put to use towards my goal of helping others make their bicycle touring dreams come true.

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You can make a PayPal or credit card donation using the “Donate” button above,
or you can send a check or money order to the following address:

Darren Alff, PO Box 982216, Park City, UT 84098, USA.

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