Kevin’s Lightweight Gear List For Bike Touring in Europe

lightweight bicycle touring setup and gear list

lightweight bicycle touring setup and gear list

Here is the lightweight gear list for my 2016 bike tour across Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

1. Bike

2. Panniers

3. Sleeping/Camping Gear

4. Cycling Stuff

  • 2 sets bibs (Sub4) and jerseys
  • Ground Effect warm beanie
  • Ground Effect raincoat
  • Ground Effect rain pants
  • Shimano MTB shoes
  • Roeckl gloves x1
  • Assos rain gloves x1, (you never know !)
  • Pearl Izumi gilet
  • Sub4 ¾ length bibs, in case it’s cold in the mountains
  • Specialised helmet

5. Other Stuff

  • Thongs (Sub4) for ‘après velo’
  • T Shirts x 2
  • Shorts x1
  • Sneakers x1
  • Kathmandu long sleeve jersey x1
  • Bathers
  • Microlight towel x1
  • Cap

If you’d like to watch my entire 2016 bike tour across Portugal, Spain and France, please see the following four videos:



7 thoughts on “Kevin’s Lightweight Gear List For Bike Touring in Europe

    • Darren Alff says:

      Well, you don’t actually need electronics, lights or cycling guides to go on a bike tour. All that stuff is optional.

  1. David Hicks says:

    I’m 70+ year-old long distance touring cyclist (solo) who also packs everything into two rear panniers and a front handlebar bag. I’m not ultralight (less than 10 lbs) but go light. I never carry cooking equipment because I eat on the road, my ‘tent’ is a camping hammock with fly, and I wear liner shorts under light-weight casual shorts dispensing with bibs, underwear, bathing suit, thongs(?). I do pack a rain jacket but no rain pants and never pack a pillow (spare clothes in a stuff sack instead). I didn’t notice the gear list including personal products like toothpaste, soap, etc. Also, because of the distance and isolation, I carry a number of tools, spare tubes, patches, a pump, etc. Was there a sag wagon? Keep up the good work and more articles for us ‘Biking Boomers’

  2. Dale Conlin says:

    I echo the focus on baby boomers hitting the road on touring bikes. Sore muscles, aching joints, dealing with loneliness….all subjects we retired dreamers could benefit from.
    We are an age of loyal followers.

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