Oofos – The New Water Resistant Sandal

By Darren Alff

The name may be a bit funny, but the feeling you get when wearing a pair of Oofos sandals is anything but.

Oofos is the name of a new sandal manufacturer that has recently released a slide and thong-style sandal that feels like a dream, floats on water, and is machine washable.

The Oofos sandal comes in a multitude of sizes and colors (currently available in: black, brown, pink and orange) and the products as a whole are easily compared to the popular Crocs shoe and sandal brand.

While the products that both companies create are made from a basic foam-injected sandal mold, the thing that separates Oofos from its competitors is the extremely comfortable feeling that the sandal provides. The photos here just don’t do the product justice! You have to actually feel them to get a taste of how unique these sandals really are.

For water lovers and sandal fanatics in need of a unique, lightweight, and super comfortable new pair of digs, Oofos is a brand name you should try and remember.

More info at: www.oofos.com

This product was sent to Bicycle Touring Pro for free for the purpose of this review.

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