FOR SALE: My Used Touring Bikes & Panniers

By Darren Alff on - Download my FREE bike tour starter guide!

I’ve got a bunch of used bicycle touring gear for sale! Now you can buy my used touring bikes, panniers and more for a deeply discounted price. This is stuff I have used or tested in the past, but am no longer using. If you are interested in buying any of this gear, please contact me (Darren Alff) through the contact form on this page. Be sure to tell me your name and which item you are interested in buying.

Bike Friday New World Tourist

Bike Friday folding touring bicycle + rear rack + travel trailer/suitcase: $800 USD
Learn more:

Bike Friday New World Tourist folding bicycle

Fuji Touring bicycle

Used 2003 touring bicycle in good condition: $500 USD
Learn more:

woman with 2003 fuji touring bicycle and lone peak panniers

Pacific Outdoor Equipment waterproof bicycle pannier set

4 rare waterproof bicycle panniers: $200 USD + shipping
Learn more:

Waterproof bicycle panniers

Lone Peak panniers + handlebar bag

4 used bicycle panniers + handlebar bag and mount: $150 USD + shipping
See more photos at:

red lone peak panniers and handlebar bag

Arkel XM-45 bicycle panniers

2 total panniers (great for bikepacking and road touring): $150 USD + shipping
Learn more:

xm 45 arkel panniers

Lone Peak PD-200 Mount Olympus pannier/backpack

Unique bicycle pannier that turns into a backpack: $50 USD + shipping
Learn more:

Scion TransAlp 2.0 pannier/backpack

Two small bicycle panniers that join together for form a backpack: $50 USD + shipping
Learn more:

Upon Nova 2 Person bike tent

Low-quality, sort of gimmicky bike tent: $20 USD + shipping
Learn more:

Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in buying any of the items on this page. I can ship the tent and/or panniers to you pretty much anywhere in the world, but please note that you must pick up the bike(s) in Southern California (Ventura County). If you want the bike(s) shipped to you, I can do that, but you will have to pay extra for shipping and handling.




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