The Best And Worst Moments From My 14-Month Bicycle Tour In Europe And Africa

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On July 10th, 2013, just a few days after returning from a 14-month bicycle tour in Europe and Africa, Darren Alff (also known as the Bicycle Touring Pro) conducted a live, Internet web event where he took some time to share the best and worst moments from his travels by bike in 24 different countries. Afterward, Darren took some time to answer user-submitted questions about bicycle touring, personal safety, camping, and a whole lot more!

Watch the video recording above for a recap of this special event.

The following is a detailed breakdown of the webcast. Feel free to skip forward to the part of the video that interests you most. Websites, articles and products mentioned in the webcast are listed at the bottom of this page.

Best & worst bicycle touring moments from Europe & Africa

  • Introduction – 00:00:00
  • Camping in Iceland – 00:04:40
  • Attending the Tour de France – 00:07:25
  • Guided bicycle touring in Switzerland – 00:10:10 (Read my Bike Switzerland tour review)
  • Fleas in Istanbul, Turkey – 00:12:50
  • Saying “Yes” to strangers in Bulgaria – 00:15:50
  • Paragliding in Romania – 00:18:00
  • Winter cycling in Ukraine – 00:20:40
  • Mountain biking & personal safety in South Africa – 00:23:40 (Read my African Bikers tour review)
  • Self-Guided bike tours in France’s Loire Valley – 00:28:15 (Read my Loire Valley bike tour review)

Bicycle Touring Questions & Answers

  • How do you get through difficult moments on a bike tour? – 00:34:30
  • Are there any areas of the United States I should avoid? – 00:38:12
  • Did you find traveling through 24 countries in 14 months disorienting? – 00:40:15
  • What was your most difficult bike repair while on the road? – 00:43:00
  • What is your best advice for a first-time bicycle tourist? – 00:44:20
  • Bicycle touring technology – 00:46:30
  • Have you ever run out of food or water? – 00:51:24
  • How do you stay in Europe for more than 3 months with the Schengen law? – 00:53:35
  • What is the best bicycle touring country in Europe? – 00:57:30
  • How do you deal with loneliness? – 00:58:35
  • Will my hybrid (dual-sport) bicycle work well for a bicycle tour? – 01:00:00
  • Which is better: Bicycle touring panniers or a trailer? – 01:03:20
  • Healthcare & Insurance advice for international travelers – 01:06:15
  • Do you carry a weapon? – 01:07:00
  • What is your biggest tip for conducting a cheap/inexpensive bicycle tour? – 01:09:30
  • Do you have any sources of income during your bicycle tours? – 01:09:50
  • What do you know about tracking your bike tours via GPS? – 01:10:20
  • Which case do you use for your Co-Motion Pangea touring bike when it is disassembled? – 01:11:10
  • What kind of bicycle lock to you carry? – 01:11:50
  • What is your next bicycle touring destination going to be? – 01:14:40

Websites & articles mentioned during the webcast:

If you enjoyed this special bicycle touring webcast, let me know by leaving a comment below… and I’ll be sure to do more events like this in the future!

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    July 12, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    Darien, we’ve talked before (me asking stupid questions), but I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. I recently got back from a tour from my home in PA to DE. My goals of the tour, meet people, have fun and see beautiful places, were met. What wasn’t met was the completing the entire “planned” trip which was 14 days. I completed 10 days. My decision to stop, I told myself, was physical (dealing with extreme heat and humidity). In retrospect, now that I’m back, I feel it was my mind. I’ve heard you talk about that topic over and over again, but I guess I didn’t listen to “….pushing through it….” Anyway, I mention this because the decision to STOP is one that haunts me. Not a nice thing. I keep looking at my flickr set of pictures to down play this feeling. I’m thinking about finishing the tour, by doing the next tour in the opposite direction and ending at the place I stopped before. Sorry for being boring. Keith

  2. Trevor Lingard

    July 13, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    Very enjoyable and informative.
    I am relatively new to cycling and touring at the age of 60.
    I have followed many of your videos.
    Looking forward to seeing them all.
    Best Regards

  3. Abdul Wadood

    August 5, 2013 at 8:20 am

    I just cycled 100km accidentally and discovered that I had much more potential for cycling than I thought. This video was very encouraging and informative, giving us great insights. Keep doing videos like this.

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