The Man Who Cycled The World – Video From Mark Beaumont’s Record-Breaking Bike Ride

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In 2008, Mark Beaumont (of Scotland) spent 195 days and 17 hours pedaling a bicycle more than 18,000 miles around the world – in an attempt to break the world record for the fastest circumnavigation of the planet on a bicycle. In the end, Mark cycled across Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America while smashing the previous world record by an incredible 81 full days. To make his round-the-world cycling feat even more impressive, Mark Beaumont shot video of his journey around the globe, which was later turned into a four-part television series for the BBC. A book of the same name, “The Man Who Cycled The World” was also published about this iconic bike ride around the planet, and Mark Beaumont was quickly catapulted into the record books as one of the world’s most famous long-distance cyclists.

Below you will find video of each of the four BBC television series about Mark Beaumont’s record-breaking bike ride around the world. Episode 1 deals with his travels in Europe. Episode 2 is about his bike ride in Asia. Episode 3 is about cycling in Oceania. And Episode 4 of “The Man Who Cycled The World” is about the final leg of Mark’s journey across the United States and his sprint to the finish in Paris, France.

The Man Who Cycled The World – Part 1: Europe

During the first episode of The Man Who Cycled The World, we are introduced to our protagonist – Mark Beaumont – a young Scottish man who has set his mind of breaking the world record for being the fastest person to have ever ridden a bicycle more than 18,000 miles around the world. During this first episode we learn about the training and preparation that Mark has done at the start of his tour, as well as about the gear he is going to use for his trip around the planet. Then, Mark sets off and quickly makes his way across Europe – cycling more than 2,100 miles in just 22 days before finishing the European leg of his journey in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Man Who Cycled The World – Part 2: Asia

During the second episode of The Man Who Cycled The World, Mark Beaumont crosses into Asia, pedals across Turkey, and then spends several weeks traveling through Pakistan and India. Just miles south of Afghanistan, Mark cycles for several days without his video camera and then crosses into India, relieved to be in a new country, but also overwhelmed by the complete change in social norms. Men crowd around Mark wherever he goes, they touch him and his bicycle, and they give him strange compliments which he isn’t sure how to respond to.

The Man Who Cycled The World – Part 3: Oceania

In the third episode of Mark Beaumont’s The Man Who Cycled The World, our protagonist quickly zips through the island nations of northern Oceania and then spends several weeks cycling through the dry and barren wastelands of central Australia. The outback is a hot and difficult place to travel and Mark struggles with the heat, finding enough food and water, and dealing with the local wildlife – which includes snakes and poisonous spiders. After biking across Australia, Mark flies to the nearby island of New Zealand and cycles across both the southern and northern islands in 10 short days.

The Man Who Cycled The World – Part 4: North America

Finally, Mark Beaumont’s record-breaking bike ride around the world comes to an end when he arrives in San Francisco during the cool winter months. Not well prepared for winter cycling, Mark presses on and continues pedaling east – despite the cold temperatures. In Louisiana, Mark is hit by a car and then mugged in the very same day. Rattled, but not broken, Mark presses on, completes his bike tour across the United States of America and then flies to Lisbon, Portugal for the final stretch of his round-the-world bike ride to Paris, France. Once in Paris, Mark is met by his friends and family, as well as local news crews, an official from the Guinness Book of World Records and some local government officials. After having spent the last 195 days and 17 hours pedaling his bike more than 18,000 miles across four different continents, Mark Beaumont finishes his epic bike tour as “The Man Who Cycled The World.”

Read the book, “The Man Who Cycled The World” by Mark Beaumont or learn more about Mark Beaumont and the other adventures he has conducted since completing his record-breaking bike ride around the world on his official website at:

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  1. Alan

    January 6, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    What’s the point? Ride 18000+ miles around the world and hardly see anything of it! Better to ride 20 miles a day and see something of the world instead of 200 miles a day and see almost nothing except the road in front of you. Not that there is any point in cycle touring nowadays as even if your bicycle doesn’t get stolen whilst you’re visiting a palace / cathedral etc., your panniers will – then you lose your laptop computer, down sleeping bag, expedition tent, all your clothes and a whole lot more. My (unloaded) bicycle got stolen on my last tour; no big deal – bought another bicycle and carried on. Better than having my loaded panniers stolen. Only way to tour nowadays is to have a support vehicle – which largely defeats the object of bicycle touring – just go by car instead!

  2. Alan

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    February 5, 2017 at 12:25 am

    Hai Darren,

    Nice video, mark is a wonderful man, he also come in my country india i see full video.

  4. Arthur Previll

    July 2, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Hi Darren,
    Good video on parts 1 to 3. Part 4 no sound.
    -Arthur Previll

    • Darren Alff

      July 3, 2017 at 5:10 am

      Yeah. I have no control over that. Sorry

  5. Arthur Previll

    July 2, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    On utube there are more videos of this same trip.

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