Join the Bicycle Touring Pro in Portugal, Spain & Norway

Join The Bicycle Touring Pro in 2016 For A Week Of Cycling In Portugal, Spain & Norway

join the bicycle touring pro on a bike ride

I have some exciting news!!! I’m planning to go bicycle touring in Portugal, Spain and Norway in May, June and July of 2016… and I’m inviting YOU to come along with me!

Portugal and Spain bike tours

If you’ve been a follower of Bicycle Touring Pro for a while now, you might remember that in 2014 I spent a whole month cycling around the island nation of Taiwan with my friend and Bicycle Touring Pro reader, Kevin. That trip went spectacularly well, so this year (2016), I thought it would be fun to invite you to come out and cycle with me in either Portugal, Spain or Norway.

Bicycle Touring Pro 2016 bike tour map of portugal and spain

This year I’m going to participate in five different guided & self-guided bicycle tours:

  1. Portugal Nature Trails: Atlantic West Coast Sintra
  2. Bike Tours Portugal: Cruising The Coast Guided Tour
  3. Live Love Ride: Bike Tour In The Douro River
  4. Touring Catalonia: From The Volcanoes To The Costa Brava
  5. Active Norway: Arctic Coast Cycling Tour

Please look at the information below for dates and details on each of these five bike tours. If you’re interested in joining me for one or more weeks of bike touring this year, please get in touch with me (Darren Alff) right away, or contact the appropriate tour company below. I’d would love to meet you in Portugal, Spain or Norway… and I look forward to cycling with you in 2016!

Just think about it: This is your chance to spend a week or more cycling with the Bicycle Touring Pro… in one of the most idyllic locations on the planet!

1. Portugal Nature Trails – Atlantic West Coast Sintra

Portugal Nature Trails atlantic coast bike tour

Dates: May 8 – May 14, 2016
Daily Distances: 38 – 73 km per day
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tour Type: Self-Guided
Price: 647 Euros (per adult)

The Atlantic West Coast & Sintra Cycling tour by Portugal Nature Trails is an incredible cycling self-guided bicycle tour across the Atlantic west coast of Europe! During the tour we will visit typical Portuguese fisherman villages and pass through the city of Nazaré – the place where the famous surfer Garret McNamara surfed the biggest wave ever (30 meters) in January of 2013. Then we’ll cycle our way south through the well-preserved medieval village of Óbidos and feel the history of this special place walking on medieval roads. In the city of Sintra we will take some time to explore this unique UNESCO World Heritage site – a land of castles and palaces. Finally, the trip comes to an end after passing through Roca Cape – the western-most point in Europe.

IMPORTANT: Mention “Bicycle Touring Pro” when you book this bike tour with Portugal Nature Trails and receive 20% off the regular price.

2. Bike Tours Portugal – Cruising The Coast Guided Tour

Bike Tours Portugal Hotel Room

Dates: May 14 – May 21, 2016
Daily Distances: 32 – 65 km per day
Difficulty: Easy
Tour Type: Guided
Price: 3,330 Euros (per adult)

This is the only guided group tour I’ll be doing this year… and I invite you to join me on this once-in-a-lifetime bike tour around the most beautiful beaches in all of Portugal. The tour begins in Lisbon, Portugal and then stretches south from there along the Southern Portuguese sea coast – it’s like a banquet for your senses. During the tour we will experience breathtaking landscapes in the Natural Park of Arrábida, dine among the locals in typical Portuguese fishing villages, take sun baths along a continuous 15 kilometer length of golden sand, and witness the rich Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park Biodiversity. If you want to tempt yourself with extraordinary Portuguese food and drink while enjoying the refinement of the Alentejo wines while sitting on the shore and looking out across a near crystal blue beach, then this is the bike tour for you!

IMPORTANT: Mention “Bicycle Touring Pro” when you book this bike tour with Bike Tours Portugal and receive 250 Euros off the regular price.

3. Live Love Ride – Bike Tour In The Douro River

Douro Valley Portugal

Dates: May 22 – May 29, 2016
Daily Distances: 45 – 90 km per day
Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
Tour Type: Guided
Price: 1,545 Euros (per adult)

During this unique cycling holiday on the the Douro River in Portugal, you will discover the world’s first demarcated wine region. We will ride along the river, enjoy its trademark UNESCO world heritage “socalcos” (terraced vineyards), and experience the secular traditions of this colorful region. During the tour, we’ll stop and visit several local wine cellars, taste some of the best Port and Douro wines, and discover traces of the early history of Portugal – dating as far back as 30,000 years. Plus, we’ll be cycling through several of Portugal’s most historical villages and cycling to the top of some of the country’s most scenic viewpoints. Finally, we will be dining and sleeping in charming local hotels, old wineries and medieval castles – which are now fully equipped with their very own spas and amazing amenities to make you feel right at home.

IMPORTANT: The Biking by the Douro River guided bike tour is being offered for the super low price of a self-guided tour (Normally €2,274 – Now only €1,545). Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! This is your chance to spent an entire week cycling across Portugal’s famous northern wine region with the Bicycle Touring Pro while saving over €700 Euros in the process.

4. Touring Catalonia – From The Volcanoes To The Costa Brava

Girona Spain houses and architecture

Dates: June 19 – June 25, 2016
Daily Distances: 28 – 55 km per day
Difficulty: Easy
Tour Type: Self-Guided
Price: 625 Euros (per adult)

This affordable self-guided bike tour offers you a panoramic view of the Girona, Spain region: Down from the Pyrenees; across the Garrotxa Region on the famous Greenways cycle path to the major city, Girona; and then to the Costa Brava. During the tour we will cycle through the inland region west of Girona before reaching the eastern shore of the country, turning north from there and visiting many of Spain’s most charming beaches and coastal villages along the way. This is an easy cycling route that the whole family can enjoy. Passing through the Emporda wine region, we will visit the Wine Muses “Coll de Roses” in Roses village and on the last day of the tour is a stop in Figueres where we can visit the Museum of the famous painter, Salvador Dali. Hotels, a route map, GPS tracks and dinner in the city of Joanetes are also included!

IMPORTANT: Mention “Bicycle Touring Pro” when you book this bike tour with Touring Catalonia and receive 10% off the regular tour price.

5. Active Norway – Arctic Coast Cycling Tour


Dates: July 3 – July 11, 2016
Daily Distances: 17 – 63 km per day
Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
Tour Type: Self-Guided
Price: 9,900 NOK (per adult)

The Arctic Ocean is a paradise for those dreaming of an island adventure by bicycle. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with fresh sea air, before cycling off into a beautiful landscape made up of large and small islands. From the lively city of Tromsø, surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands – this unique bike tour takes you through a beautiful and varied natural wonderland. From Kvaløya via Kattfjord, and then outward to the coast and the island of Sommarøy. After a short ferry trip the tour continues to Senja –  Norway’s second largest island. The road along the western coast of Senja Gryllefjord winds through scenic nature – in and out of fjords. The road passes Senja Troll – Norway’s largest stone troll. After island hopping by ferry boat, you’ll visit Andøya – a natural pearl close to the sea with its large and continuous marshes backed up against steep mountains and sandy beaches. In Andenes you can go whale watching or visit the Andøya Space Center. Then you’ll continue to the sandy beach at Bleik, where you will stay overnight in a cozy guesthouse with really home made cooking!  After a few more islands and lots of impressive scenery, the tour comes to an end in Svolvaer, which is the “capital” of Lofoten, Norway.

IMPORTANT: Book this bike tour well in advance and receive 250 NOK off the normal price for each adult.

Which Bike Tour Do You Want To Join?

If you’re interested in joining one or more of these five unique bike tours, all you have to do is contact the appropriate tour company and tell them you’re interested in participating in the bike tour they are doing with the “Bicycle Touring Pro.” The tour companies will then give you all the details on everything you need for the rest of the tour.

Of course, if you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me by commenting below.

Thanks for reading… and I look forward to cycling with you in either Portugal, Spain or Norway later this year!

Photos by: Jo@net and frans16611

13 thoughts on “Join The Bicycle Touring Pro in 2016 For A Week Of Cycling In Portugal, Spain & Norway

  1. Tamara says:

    Hi Darren. Can you provide levels of difficulty for your Portugal tours? I’m very interested but want to make sure I do not choose one that exceeds my ability level. Thank you!

  2. Ben Verity says:

    Hope all is well, I’m thinking of diving in for the Norway tour… Can you give a super short run-down of what the money goes towards on a self guided tour?
    Ben from England

    • Bicycle Touring Pro says:

      That’s a good question. But the answer really depends on the tour. Each self-guided bike tour is different. For example – the Norway tour I mention on this page comes with the following included:

      8 nights accomodation w / breakfast. 7 x selfmade lunch box and thermos refills.
      4 x 3-course dinner.
      Map (1 set per. 2 people) and tour descriptions.
      Luggage trasnport on tour starting 12.06, 10.07 and 24.07 (1 piece per. person)

      In other words, you are paying for 8 nights at a hotel, breakfast and lunch for 7 days, and 4 dinners. Plus, you get all the tour maps and details you need to complete the trip – making it possible for you to simply show up at the start of the tour and simply follow the directions that have been designed for you. No advanced planning required. And on some of the tours (depending on the dates), your luggage will be transported from hotel to hotel for you – that way you don’t have to carry it on your bicycle each day as you ride.

      What is not included, however, is:

      Your bike rental (if you choose not to bring your own bike).
      Pannier rental (if you choose not to bring your own panniers).
      Ferries are not included (they will cost you an additional 450 NOK per person).
      And any additional purchases you choose to make while on the tour.

      But again, each and every self-guided bike tour is different… so if you are interested in any of these bike tours, you should ask (when you book your tour) what is and is not included. As I am not leading these tours myself, the best way to find out what is and is not included in each of these tours is to contact the appropriate tour company. They will be able to tell you what is included in the price and what other expenses there might be, if any.

      I hope that answers your question. If you could join the Norway bike tour… that would be amazing. I’d love to spend a week+ cycling with you in Norway! It’s going to be a great trip.

  3. Scott says:

    Aloha Darren, I watched the UTube on Portugal and Spain tours ! Sounded like fun (all of your videos sound like you have a charmed existence!) If there is any way to join the adventure we will try!

    I will be in Lisbon this summer for a nursing conference on the 25th and could probably could work the Spain trip if timing is right… Will need to check all the dates for flying over from Honolulu to Europe. If can, will.
    Enjoy in joy!

  4. Alberto says:

    Hi Darren! I offer myself as a pedal companion & local guide (free accomodation, best spots and food) for you while you are in Asturias, northern Spain – I speak good enough english as i was living in Dublin for a year 😉 Looking forward your opinion… Cheers!

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  6. Mark Cassell says:

    Hi Darren,
    Ok. I’m about to pull the trigger on the Catalonia ride. It would be my son (18) and me. I have two questions really: 1) how easy is it to get from Barcelona to Joanetes. Thinking of arrive a day or two early in Barcelona. I wonder if it might be possible — if other were interested – to hire a ride directly to Joanetes on the 19th? And 2) my son and I need bikes and panniers. I assume Touring Catalonia is the best place to rent both. But I wanted to see what you recommended. Also, since we’re at hotels, what do you recommend we bring with us?


    • Bicycle Touring Pro says:

      Hi Mark,

      That’s so exciting! I’ve never done this particular bike tour either, so I’m not 100% familiar with how the tour work, etc, but I think I can answer your questions.

      1. There is a bus and a train that goes from Barcelona to Girnoa, Spain. The bus is 20-40 minutes I think… and the train takes about 1-2 hours. But once you get to Girona, you can take a local bus to Olot, which is near the hotel on the first night. Or the the tour company can meet you and arrange for you to be taken to Joanetes where the tour begins. There is an additional fee for this service, but I don’t know what it is. This, however, might be the easiest way to get to the start of the tour. If you go to this page: on the company’s website and scroll down to the section titled, “WHAT’S INCLUDED,” it says there that “Transfer from Girona train station / airport to Joanetes rural farmhouse (first hotel)” is not included in the price, but is available as an option to you.” Further down the page it says, “Other option is the Barcelona option. Then take a bus Barcelona city (20 minutes and free) and a train to Girona (40 minutes – 1h30minuts depends on the train). Then Bus to Olot or Private transfer. Upon a request, we even organize transfers from the airport to the starting point of the cycle tour and to the end point to others.”

      2. That section of the website also answers your second question, which is about renting bicycles and any other gear you might need. Yes, I would contact Touring Catalonia first and see how much these two services cost (the transfer from Girona and the bike rentals).

      3. Because you will be staying in hotels each night, you can pack pretty light. You’ll need 1-2 pairs of clothes to cycle in each day, 1-2 pairs of clothes to wear off the bicycle each morning/night (shorts and long-pant options), probably at least 1 set of nice clothes to go out to eat in, all your normal toiletries, etc. And that’s about it! You should be able to pack everything you need for the trip in a backpack or small suitcase. Sunglasses. Lip balm. Sunscreen. Etc. I can send you a more detailed recommended packing list once you sign up for the tour if you like. And I’m sure Touring Catalonia has a suggested packing list for you as well.

      If you have any other questions, let me know! My recommendation, however, is that you contact Touring Catalonia right away. They’ll be able to answer your questions better than I can. I hope you do sign up for the tour though. It sure would be great to meet you and your son… and spent some time cycling with you in Spain this summer!

  7. Diego Böni says:

    Hi Darren

    Wanted to thannk you for motivating me to follow my dream of cycling Europe. I read your e-book and made me comprehend that a tour by bike is really not that dificult at all and with enough will and constancy you can accomplish it (and anything)
    At the beginn of may 2016 I will start the trip i have been planing almost for 3 years now. Will start from Donaueschingen in the south of Germany and will pedal the Danube river down up to Vienna then to Czech Republic, Poland up to Berlin. Ive planned to do this first part in spring and summer, if ive enough time will go to Denmark. In automn and winter will pedal France and Italy. Final destination in Europe is Sicily, then i might go to Africa if the desire for adventure is not gone yet.

    Looking forward to find you on the road anyday.

    Thank you againg and my best wishesto you

    Diego Böni
    PS: I will do a Blog and will update it weekly.

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