Are Lone Peak Bicycle Panniers Waterproof?

The short answer: No. Lone Peak panniers are not 100% waterproof.

However, they are water-resistant… and in the video below I test a set of Lone Peak P-500 Mountain Superior panniers to determine just how water-resistant they really are.

If you get a set of Lone Peak panniers, I highly recommend purchasing the additional rain covers or using some kind of waterproof bag to line the inside of the packs.

If you choose to use neither the rain covers or a set of waterproof liners, I think this video demonstrates exactly where you should place your most precious items – in the middle of the bag. Objects at the top and bottom of  the pannier are more likely to get wet, so items prone to water damage should be kept in the center of the bag if at all possible.


7 thoughts on “Are Lone Peak Bicycle Panniers Waterproof?

  1. Shelby says:

    I have the Lone Peak RP-700 Rack Pack, as well as the H-100 Handlebar pack. I bought them to use on supported tours, since full panniers aren’t necessary. Unfortunately, Lone Peak does not sell rain covers for these smaller bags. They are not waterproof. I’m not sure they are very water-resistant. On my last tour, it rained all day the first day (8 hours plus). I was literally pouring water out of the packs at the end of the day. The map in the clear map pouch on top of the handlebar bag was basically ruined as well. In all fairness, I did not have fenders on the bike, so water and mud were hitting the bags from both above and below. I would still like to find some rain covers that would fit these bags, but until then, I make do by putting the contents in various bags inside these Lone Peak bags.

  2. Shelby says:

    An update to my post last month: There are now rain covers for the Lone Peak RP-700 and H-100 bags. I found them on, run by Wayne Burroughs. Wayne explained that Lone Peak does now make these rain covers, because so many customers have asked for them. They are not listed on the Lone Peak site, so head over to Wayne also has clips to mount the H-100 to your 31.8mm (1.25in) handlebars; the stardard mount fits 1in handlebars.

  3. Cecile says:

    Hi, As a little Frenchie bike touring in sometimes very rainy Northern Europe, this is the sweetest test I’ve seen – AND extremely useful – thanks!

  4. Jamie says:

    Ortlieb panniers are water proof. I think this is a well known fact amongst cyclists.

    I use Carradice old skool saddlebags which I’d describe as pretty much water proof. You can’t throw a Carradice in a river and expect everything inside to be dry afterwards (like you might with the Ortlieb) but I’ve left it outside in the rain in Wales several times and the contents have been fine.

    And they last a long time, here’s a blog post about how to reproof and repair them using a kit from the manufacturer

  5. Friar Rodney Burnap says:

    I just bought a set of Lone Peak Mount Rainier Panniers…this is my third set of Lone Peak Panniers…I love them…I also use two Carradice Camper Longflap Saddlebags. I use one as a Handle bar bag pack…and one as a Saddlebag…I have a large frame bag from Rogue panda that has a roll-top closure no zipper to break…my Lone Peak Mount Rainier Panniers will be used on the front wheel with no rear panniers….I ride a Surly Troll, with XT components, butterfly handlebar with a large stem extension…my rims are 26×36 spokes Mavic a719 rims, I ride Marathon plus tour tires 1.75’s….I have a Brooks a17 Saddle…

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