Best cheap sunglasses for cycling? Tifosi Optics review

Here are three things about me:

  1. I spend a lot of time in the sun
  2. I constantly lose sunglasses
  3. I have terrible vision

Maybe you relate to one, two, or even all three of these. Regardless, a good pair of sunglasses is essential for cyclists, especially those who spend a lot of time in the sun and need prescription eyewear.

I’ve been testing out sunglasses from Tifosi for a couple weeks now, and I think they’re a good option for cyclists or travelers of all types.

Here’s why…

If you’ve shopped for sunglasses before, you know what a racket the business can be. You can find dozens of brands charging $300+ for a pair of sunglasses, and $500+ if you need a prescription! What’s even more frustrating is that often these glasses cost $10 or less to produce.

cheap sunglasses for cycling tifosi

Cheap, quality cycling glasses

Enter Tifosi. I’m going to be honest from the start – are Tifosi sunglasses as fancy as ones from brands like Oakley that are going to run $300+? No. But Tifosi glasses start at around $30 and most top out at around $80. If you need a prescription, you can expect to pay between $100-$150 depending on the type of lens you choose.

I tried out the Salvo RX which is new to the Tifosi line. They’re a more casual frame with rectangular lenses and wide grips that hug your face well. Like all Tifosi glasses, they’ve got rubber grips that ensure they won’t fall off your face even when you get sweaty on the bike.

tifosi ear grips best cycling sunglasses

Custom sunglass options? You got it

I have a strong prescription, but the lenses were a reasonable thickness and I was impressed by the optical clarity. The tint on mine had a gradient that could have been a bit smoother but was a nice option. They also offer mirrored and colored lenses if you fancy something a bit more playful. Really, they have a ton of options.

What I like most about Tifosi is the quality-to-price ratio. For $75, you can get a great pair of glasses and, let’s be honest, when you’re like me and you lose them after six months, it hurts a lot less than a $400 pair does (speaking from experience here).

tifosi prescription sunglasses

Variety of stylish options

There are dozens of styles offered, from sporty and modern like you’d see being ridden in the professional peloton, to casual and stylish, to options made specifically for cycling, running, golf, tennis, and more. Though I think all of their styles could be unisex, they’ve got dozens of women-specific options and colors, too.

There’s an online quiz you can take to find the pair that’s best for you. Or, you can build a custom pair of any type in the Custom Shop.

tifosi nose grips

Could use more prescription models

I do wish they had more prescription options. When looking through the catalog, there were a couple of models in their mainline I wanted to try, only to find out they don’t offer their most popular options for those with less-than-stellar vision. I hope they can expand their RX range for folks looking for corrective lenses at an affordable price.

Tifosi’s quickly become the top sunglass manufacturer for cycling shops, so you can likely find a shop near you if you absolutely need to try some on. Regardless, I think you’ll be happy with the quality you can get for a reasonable price at Tifosi.


  • Affordable option for cycling sunglasses
  • Large variety of styles and colors
  • High quality for the price


  • Wish there were more prescription options
  • Quality, while good, isn’t top-of-the line

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Have you used Tifosi glasses? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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