Cycling To The Pachacamac Ruins In Lima, Peru

If you ever find yourself in Lima, Peru and in search of a good bike ride, consider a day-trip to the nearby Pachacamac Ruins.

The adobe common buildings and temples that are built at Pachacamac were constructed between 800 and 1450 AD. 17 different pyramids have been found at the site, but many of these large adobe structures have been ruined by El Nino weather phenomenon. Besides the pyramids themselves, the Pachacamac Ruins consist of a cemetery, several fresco paintings, and a number of smaller outbuildings. The largest and most impressive structure at Pachacamac, however, is the Inca-built Temple of the Sun, which unlike the Egyptian pyramids so many people are familiar with, is flat at the top and has a view that looks out over the Pacific Ocean.

The map below shows the general route you need to take in order to cycle from downtown Lima (or Miraflores) to the Pachacamac ruins, which sit about 30 kilometers to the south.

Warning: While this is a very easy ride as far as elevation is concerned (it’s flat almost the entire way to the Ruins and back), there is a massive amount of traffic that needs to be negotiated (especially in Lima itself and the nearby city of Chorrillos). For that reason, I would consider this an intermediate to advanced bike ride. Total distance from Lima to the Pachacamac Ruins and back – approximately 60 kms.

The photos you see here are images I took while cycling to the ruins for myself.

rented blue bicycle on the streets of chorillos peru

A busy street corner in Chorrillos, Peru.

darren alff riding his bicycle in peru

Stopped alongside the Panamerican highway with the bicycle I rented in Lima.

lima peru pachacamac adobe pyramid

One of the more impressive Pachacamac pyramids.

pachacamac pyramid sign

A sign at the site gives you information on the ruins.

best bicycle rides near lima peru

Standing on top of the Temple of the Sun and looking north, back toward Lima.

ancient adobe ruins near lima peru

A distant scatter of adobe ruins.

darren alff standing on the top of the pyramid of the sun in lima peru

That’s me, Darren Alff, standing on top of the Temple of the Sun at Pachacamac.

Finally, this is a little video I took of me cycling through the busy streets of Chorrillos, Peru on my return trip to Lima after visiting the Pachacamac Ruins.


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    That is one awesome video!!! I really apprectiated the scenery and music you chose for it.

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