I Love My Bike – An Inside Look At The Book

If you love your bicycle or have someone close to you who has an unhealthy obsession with their bike, then you gotta pick up a copy of Matthew Finkle and Brittain Sullivan’s new book, “I Love My Bike.”

I Love My Bike” is a colorful 160-page cornucopia of photographs featuring bicycle owners and their two-wheeled steeds from across the United States.

While the book showcases bike owners with BMX bikes, cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and hybrids, the vast majority of the photographs feature inside the book are of fixed-gear (single-speed) bicycles. For the “hipster” crowd, a few of the bikes inside this book are awe-inspiring. For those not into the fixed gear revolution, this book might not strike such an overwhelming chord.

Overall, however, “I Love My Bike” is a fast, fun and lively piece of media that you can flip through and devour in less than a half hour.

“I Love My Bike” may be targeted more for the hipster audience, but the book makes a great gift for any bicycle lover – whether that be a close friend, family member, or even for yourself.

Finally, be sure to check out the official “I Love My Bike” website and pick up a copy of “I Love My Bike” on Amazon.com.


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