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Iceland’s Last Climb

I asked Brandon to snap a few photos of me climbing up this short dirt road just outside of Reykjavik, Iceland. I knew that once we reached the city center that there would be few chances to take truly wild photos of ourselves on our bicycles. This, as it turns out, is my last big bicycle touring photo from Iceland. An hour later we cycled into downtown Reykjavik and spend the next few days in the city before cycling back to the airport and then heading our separate ways.

0 thoughts on “Iceland’s Last Climb

  1. Cher says:

    I am planning to cycle across the USA along the souther tier route and need to purchase a light weight handle bar bag. I looking for one that I can display my map, is waterproof and will allow me room to put my light, and cycle computer – as well as my hands on the horizontal run of the bar. Any ideas. I just can seem to find one.

    Best Regards
    Cher, Auckland, New Zealand

  2. Eduardo, West Palm Beach, Fl. says:

    Hi Darren, like your website very much, lots of useful info.
    I will be biking across USA, southern tier on 2013, my daugther, 17 wants to tag along, but i am concern about safety and security since we planing to do mostly camping, also soon wil be making a choice of my new bike, Trek 520 or Novara Safari, she has a Trek already and we are training doing 200 miles /week.Please comment on those 3 issues. Thanks.

    • Bicycle Touring Pro says:

      Eduardo, I think that’s great that your daughter is interested in joining you on your bike tour. I did my first bicycle tour at age 17. I’m sure that with some training, your daughter will be able to pull it off as well. Luckily, she has you to help her and guide her.

      As for safety, I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you concerned about safety in biking every day? Or are you concerned about the safety issues involved with camping?

      As for which bike you should get, both the Trek 520 and the Novara Safari are good touring bicycles. I personally like the Trek 520 more than the Novara, but that is just a personal design thing. I think you should ultimately just pick whichever bike you like most. You will be happy, I think, with whichever bicycle you choose.

      Keep doing the training and consider doing a short weekend overnight bike tour to get your feet wet and see what traveling by bike on an overnight trip is like. For example, cycle about 30-40 miles on a Saturday, then camp at a nearby campground. And then cycle back home on Sunday. You’ll learn a lot just by doing that.

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