Multi-Function Travel Laptop Case: How-To Video

If you travel with a laptop computer, you need a way of protecting this valuable device while you are out there on the road. You don’t want your computer to get dirty and broken when thrown inside your bags.

To protect your computer, you could purchase a specially made laptop sleeve like this one from Case Logic. But the problem with an item like this is that you are then carrying around an item (and it’s extra weight) that serves only one basic function. A laptop case/sleeve is a pretty big item to carry around just for this one purpose!

That’s why, instead of buying a special laptop case and carrying it around with you on your travels, you could try using a hooded jacket, long-sleeve shirt, or rain jacket to protect your laptop computer. It sounds silly, but it does kind of work.

By using a piece of clothing instead of a single-use laptop case/sleeve, you will have less overall gear to carry with you on your travels and your clothes will serve two functions instead of just one. Watch the video below to learn more.


0 thoughts on “Multi-Function Travel Laptop Case: How-To Video

  1. Josh says:

    I don’t know if using a jacket/rain gear for this is the best idea, as times when you would want to use that piece of clothing would potentially be just when the laptop requires the MOST protection.

    • Bicycle Touring Pro says:

      I agree, this isn’t really supposed to be the best way of protecting your laptop while traveling. It is just supposed to be a fun, little quirky thing you can do to give your laptop an extra bit of protection on your travels.

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