Front Steel Bicycle Rack – Tubus Tara Lowrider


The Tubus Tara lowrider front bicycle rack is one of the best and most well-trusted front bicycle racks in the world.

Because the Tara mounts down low on the front fork of your bicycle, the weight of your front panniers is distributed lower to the ground – making it easier for you to steer your bike and avoid the speed wobbles you might experience with other bicycle racks that force you to carry the weight of your gear higher up on your bicycle frame.

Made of high-quality 14 and 10 mm steel tubing, the Tubus Tara front rack folds down flat for easy packing and storage (when flying with your bicycle), can be used in conjunction with the Tubus front kickstand (so your bike won’t fall over or tilt to the side when you’re packing it up each day) and also has an eyelet in the front where you can mount a front light. The front kickstand is sold separately, but I highly recommend you get it when you order the Tubus Tara front rack.

$120 USD

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