Ortlieb Pannier / Backpack


The Ortlieb pannier/backpack carrying system quickly converts your Ortlieb bicycle panniers into a backpack. The lightweight (310 g /11 oz.) pannier/backpack carrying system can be easily stored inside one of your panniers when not in use. Then, when you want to transform your pannier bag into a backpack, simply remove the carrying system from your pannier and attach it to the back of your pannier bag.

The pannier/backpack carrying system is designed to work with Ortlieb Sport and Back-Rollers (from year 1995 on), Bike-Packer (from year 1996 on), Sport-Packer, Bike-Tourer and Bike-Shopper panniers. To attach your pannier onto the backpack carrying system, its top loops are hooked into the pannier’s QL hooks and the buckles are threaded into the base edge protectors.

This product is very easy to install on your bicycle touring pannier bags and is highly recommended if you are planning to combine your cycling adventures with other off-the-bike activities, such as hiking or walking around town, shopping for groceries, etc.

$60.00 USD

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