Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Classic – Waterproof Handlebar Bag (M)

The Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Classic handlebar bag is one of the best, lightweight, waterproof bicycle handlebar bags in the entire world. It’s big enough to carry your wallet, map, passport, snack foods, phone and a whole host of other items you might need to quickly and easily access while riding your bicycle.

This high-quality, 5 liter waterproof bike bag easily mounts onto your bicycle’s handlebars with the use of the included handlebar mounting bracket and unsnaps with ease so you can carry the bag into the store with you as your shop for groceries, snacks and drinks once you get out on the road.

This high-quality bicycle handlebar bag includes a built-in, clear, waterproof map case on the top of the bag. Highly recommended!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.