Review Your Touring Bicycle And Earn $50 USD

Touring bike reviews are a big part of what I do here at Bicycle Touring Pro. My reviews of the Fuji Touring and Bike Friday New World Tourist, for example, are two of the most popular articles on this entire website.

However, I’m not able to review every touring bicycle ever made by myself because getting my hands on every bike in the world and testing them all out would take forever. That’s why I need your help!

I would like to have you, my readers, review your touring bicycles here on Bicycle Touring Pro so that other bicycle travelers will know what bike to buy when they are searching for their ideal touring vehicle. I’m even going to give you $50 USD if you are willing to write a review for me!

So, if you’ve ever ridden any of the bicycles listed below and you would be interested in writing a review of that bicycle for this website, please get in touch with me right away.

These are the bikes I’m looking to have reviewed at this point in time:

  • Novara Safari
  • Bianchi Volpe
  • Brodie Elan
  • Dahon Speed TR
  • Jamis Aurora
  • Kona Sutra
  • Trek 520
  • Windsor Tourist
  • Terry Valkyrie Tour
  • Rando Voyager

If you have experience with any of these bicycles and you would be willing to write a review of the bike for this website, please contact me right away. In your message to me, please tell me :

  • What bicycle you want to review?
  • What experience you have with that bicycle?
  • Do you have good photos of the bicycle that I can use in the review?

I will be selecting only one reviewer per bicycle, so proving to me that you are a good writer/photographer might be a good idea! If you want, you can email me some of your photos at the following email address: contact (at) bicycletouringpro (dot) com.

Finally, if you have experience with another touring bicycle that is not listed above and you would like to write a review of that bicycle for this website, please contact me as well. Just because your touring bicycle is not listed above does not mean I don’t want to have it reviewed here on The bicycles listed above are simply the ones I’d like to have reviewed first. Thanks… and I look forward to hearing from you!


0 thoughts on “Review Your Touring Bicycle And Earn $50 USD

  1. John Hardin says:

    I think you are missing an important bike. I just imported a Thorn Raven from CJC cycles in UK. Good experience all around and a really well made and very pleasing bike. I can not imagine going back the the derailluer system. Look into it.

  2. Rodney Le Lievre says:

    I had a bicycle built locally (Tasmania, Australia) to my specifications by Tim Stredwick , business name ‘Velosmith’. It’s impossible to avoid unsealed roads in Australia, even when commuting. I found mtb’s too slow on sealed roads. I wanted bigger wheels and higher gearing to capitalise on good conditions on sealed roads, with capacity to handle loose surfaces with confidence.

    I was fortunate to have the cash on hand to dream up a build to suit my purposes. I’ll give you the information that is usually so difficult to obtain: it weighs 14.8kg.

    There are plenty of good value touring bikes to be had off the rack and at a good price. One bit of information that is always difficult to obtain is the weight = built weight.

    It would be useful if reviewers would include this information. Rarely can even a blog be found to source this information.

  3. Ole Olson says:

    unconventional but i use a Trek dual sport 8.3. Pair it with front and rear rack and decent panniers andyou got a go anywhere bike with mountain bike geometry and roadbike gearing. Its definately underated for its array of applications. Also its rather affordable compared to most touring bicycles.

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