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Hello. My name is Darren Alff… and my goal as the Bicycle Touring Pro is to give you the confidence and inspiration you need to travel by bicycle anywhere in the world.

I do all of the work on this website by myself. Since 2007, all of the articles, books, emails, interviews, photos, podcasts and videos have been created by me in my spare time.

Thanks to the generous donations I receive from readers like you, I’m able to focus on creating regular, high-quality content; invest further in developing the website; and cover the costs related to my bicycle touring activities.

If you’d like to help me continue Bicycle Touring Pro’s mission of educating and inspiring a new generation of bicycle travelers, then I kindly request that you make a donation of any size using the form on this page.

Individuals who donate $50 USD or more per month will receive a handwritten postcard from me – mailed from wherever I happen to be in the world. Postcards send to Bicycle Touring Pro readers in the past have been mailed fromPeru, South Africa, Taiwan, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and dozens of other interesting places all around the world.

If you do decide to make a donation, please know that every cent that you contribute will be put right back into the website or put to use towards my goal of helping others make their bicycle touring dreams come true.

You can make a PayPal or credit card donation using the “Donate” button above,
or you can send a check or money order made out to “Bicycle Touring Pro” to the following address:

Bicycle Touring Pro
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United States of America





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