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Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Bike Touring!

Welcome to Bicycle Touring Pro, the world’s most popular how-to bicycle touring blog/website and information source – with more than 750,000+ people from all around the world visiting the site each and ever year! You’ve come to the right place if want to learn how to conduct your own guided, self-guided or self-supported bicycle touring adventures.

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How To Plan Your Own Bike Tour

Bicycle Touring Pro is here to help you remove all the guesswork, wasted time and frustration that plagues so many first-time bicycle travelers! Click here to see our list of the world’s best bike touring tools & resources.

What is Bicycle Touring?

“Bicycle touring” is the act of riding a bicycle for days, weeks, months or even years on end as you travel long distances across cities, states and countries. Thousands of people of all ages, incomes and demographics are traveling by bike… and you can be one of them!

In fact, my goal here at Bicycle Touring Pro is to not only inspire you with my own bicycle touring adventures, but to teach YOU how to travel by bike, remain comfortable while out on the road and have fun along the way! In other words, Bicycle Touring Pro is here to give you the inspiration, confidence and resources you need, so that you too can conduct the bicycle tour of your dreams!

Darren Alff - Bicycle Touring Pro

Who is the Bicycle Touring Pro? is run by the world’s leading expert on bicycle touring – Darren Alff. Darren went from being a 17-year old high-school kid, riding across America on a dusty old mountain bike, to the Bicycle Touring Pro, after having bicycled across 28 of the 50 United States, and after traveling by bike through more than 50+ countries all around the world!

In addition, Darren is the celebrated author of “The Bicycle Touring Blueprint” and now coaches people of all ages, incomes and backgrounds so they may have a safe, successful and enjoyable bicycle touring adventure of their own, following his teaching, tips and shortcuts. “The Bicycle Touring Blueprint has sold over 5,000 copies since it’s release and this unique at-home study guide details everything you need to know in order to conduct a bicycle tour of your very own. The book is simply the world’s best step-by-step guide to bicycle touring, handed to you on a silver platter!

bicycle touring blueprint book download
Touring Bicycle Buyer's Guide
Bike Camp Book - biccle touring cookbook
Winter Cycling Book

Darren Alff is the author of four popular cycling books:

  • The Bicycle Touring Blueprint – a 412-page book designed to teach you everything you need to know in order to conduct your own self-supported bicycle touring adventures.
  • The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles – a book designed to help first-time bicycle tourists find the type of bicycle they need to conduct their very own bicycle touring adventures. This book also contains a list of each of the touring bicycles currently available on the market, so you don’t waste money by purchasing the wrong bicycle before you head off on your grand adventure.
  • Winter Cycling – the definitive guide for how to keep cycling the whole year round – regardless of the cold, wet or snow-covered weather you might encounter in your part of the world.

Bicycle Touring Pro has also teamed up with Tara Alan – the author of the bicycle touring cookbook, Bike Camp Cook. This beautifully photographed food book is a must-read for anyone planning to travel by bike and cook their own meals along the way.

bike tour world map

Bicycle Touring Pro is run in connection with – the world’s largest guided and self-guided bike tour directory. Use the world map on the website’s homepage to find your dream bike tour, or use the search features in the sidebar to narrow down the available bike tours by date, difficulty, daily distance cycled, total distance cycled and (of course) price.

What Can You Expect to Learn Here?

Here at Bicycle Touring Pro you will discover:

  • The types of bicycles built for short and long-distance bicycle touring.
  • The gear you need to travel for days, weeks, or months on end.
  • How to plan out a safe and scenic cycle touring route.
  • How to plan and prepare for your first bicycle tour.
  • What to mentally and physically expect once you hit the road.
  • Where to find guided and self-guided bicycle tours to participate in.
  • Plus a whole lot more!

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Bicycle Touring Videos To Get You Started

Watch the videos below and then make sure you subscribe to Bicycle Touring Pro’s YouTube channel – where you’ll get the information and inspiration you need to conduct your own bike tours anywhere in the world.

Iceland By Bike: Two friends cycle around the European island nation of Iceland, encountering waterfalls, a dust storm and a friendly Frenchman along the way. Not every moment of the trip is enjoyable, but it’s the difficult moments that make for a truly memorable bicycle touring adventure.

Romania’s Highest Road: Follow along as Darren Alff, the Bicycle Touring Pro himself, cycled up and over the Transfagarasan Highway – the second highest road in Romania. This video is an excellent example of what your day might look like if you were to go on a solo self-supported bike tour.

Bike Switzerland Challenge Tour: Want a little more luxury in your life? Want to eat at fancy restaurants and sleep in beautiful hotels? Consider signing up for a guided bike tour and being escorted across one of the world’s best bicycle touring regions by an experienced bike touring guide or tour company.

Bike Tour With Your Dog: Follow along as Pablo and Ana (two Spanish bicycle travelers) make their way across Scandinavia with their dog Hippie riding along on the back of Pablo’s bicycle.

What People Are Saying About Bicycle Touring Pro

Just look at what people are saying about Bicycle Touring Pro, The Bicycle Touring Blueprint and the benefits they have received from visiting this website:

Your blog is the motivating factor in my decision to tour. Ive ridden for several years, but never toured self-contained. With your help I toured solo for 712 miles in 7.5 days, averaging 94 miles per day. I also have 3 other tours planned for next year. Thanks so much for your help. – Bob Hopkins

Bicycle Touring Pro helped my daughter and I prepare for a 42-day bike tour across the United States and a 6-week bike tour in New Zealand. We learned that it really wasn’t that difficult if you just take one day at a time. – Michael Rice

I wish you had been around years ago when I started cycling in earnest. I learned much over the years, but the trial and error method is a slow process. Within a month I have ridden 1,400 miles for the year. Thanks again. – Bernard Parker

Bicycle Touring Pro showed me the most common mistakes people make on tour, without me having to make those mistakes myself while on the road. I’m really grateful there’s something like this site for people like me. Without it, I know my trip wouldn’t have gone as well as it did. – Spencer Holmes

We relied heavily on The Bicycle Touring Blueprint. Not only for its technical points about how to prepare for a bike trip as long as ours, but also things like what to wear and eat. It contributed to us having no question and no fear about tackling the task before us. – Jon & Earline Blumhagen

Thanks for all the help your site has given me. I completed my first week-long tour in June and your advice and videos certainly contributed to its success. Thanks again! Keep up the excellent work! – Paul McDonald

I would just like to thank you for all the help you have given on your site over the last couple of months. I live in London and am planning a round the world bike ride leaving Britain in September. It will be a 2-year trip of a lifetime. I have had so much information from your site. You have helped with tent selection, pannier packing and just general information that has been amazing. Thank you once again. You have helped to make a dream come true. – Robert Halkett has been a huge help for me a beginning wannabe tourer. The information I have received has been invaluable, not only in preparation, but in building my confidence to a level where I know I can complete a tour with confidence. Darren’s willingness to personally respond to my questions has led me to view this site as one of my most important bicycle related resources. – Chris Kmotorka

Now that I have actually had an opportunity to put your wisdom to use on the road with a tour I did with my son, I can say that all the information you have given on your website is useful. My tour with my son was very fun and successful thanks to your helpful information! In fact, I was just mentioning your site to a friend of mine who just bought a touring bike. I told her she should check it out because your information is very good and practical. Us newbies need people like you! – Colleen Welch

There is a wealth of information on your website. I am grateful that you put the time and effort into sharing it. I have learned a great deal. – Brenda Waller

“I thought you might just like to know that thanks largely to inspiration taken from your numerous articles and videos, which Ive been following over the last year or so, Ive just recently returned from a 10-day trip from my home here on the south coast of England to Switzerland. I left from the Channel port of Dieppe on a Thursday afternoon and rode into the resort town of Interlaken on the Saturday, 10 days and about 500 miles, later. Thanks for all that you do to encourage bike touring and keep up the good work.” – Paul Jenkins

Thank you Darren. I’m new to touring so I have learned a lot from you! Ive just finished building my new touring bike and I’m hoping to take it around Ireland this summer. Thanks for all your help through your website. The video section is great and it gives a much clearer insight on how to do things right. Thanks for a great site! – Anthony

I am a big fan of your website. It has been so helpful for the planning of my first bike trip this summer. My friends and family are starting to check out your website too. The more they know the more they feel better. I decided to go all out on my first trip. I want to go coast to coast in Canada. It is a big and long trip, but I have the time and determination. Your website has made me so excited to start my trip. Thanks!!! – Shawn Corey Wright

I am continuing to enjoy your site/blog. I have viewed many, if not all, of your videos on touring and packing panniers, etc. for bike touring. You have definitely succeeded in getting me excited about this touring season. Thanks for all of the work that you do to video your trips and the excellent website that you have. It is truly one of the best that is out there. – Malaika Sharp

I just arrived home from my bike trip today. It was my first tour, from San Francisco to Washington D.C., and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’m looking forward to the next one. Thanks again for your help! Your advice proved invaluable on my tour and I hope you continue to inspire future generations of touring cyclists. – Boris Grogg

“I just wanted to tell you how much Ive enjoyed your website and how useful Ive found it to be. I’m embarking on my first cycle tour in May. It will be from Victoria, BC to St. Johns, Newfoundland. Ill be camping and hosteling most of the way with a fair bit of stealth camping thrown in as well. All the best and keep up the good work! Happy Travels.” – Jim Marsh

“I’m writing this to let you know that Ill be going away for a while. I’m finally setting off on my bike trip, hooray! After a rather prolonged series of mishaps and setbacks everything seems to be in order. Ill be leaving some time tomorrow afternoon or on Sunday morning, at the very latest. Ive been giving the matter some thought and I think that its safe for me to say that hadn’t it been for your site and the tons of invaluable information therein and of course our meeting itself, perhaps I wouldn’t be taking this trip at all. So here’s a big thank you! And congrats for setting a goal and achieving it my friend. If inspiring and encouraging others to take steps forward is what you set out to do (alongside taking the road less traveled and leading a meaningful life) then allow me to say, mission accomplished. I salute you.” – Nick Parker

“Bicycle Touring Pro is the most comprehensive of all sites hit on for detailing the preparation for touring for a first timer. Great stories, pictures, informational videos, links to other websites – awesome! Wish I could have been along with you on some of your tours. You are ‘the man.'” – Dave Fuller

“I am in the midst of planning my first tour and had no idea where to start. I found Bicycle Touring Pro and now feel like I know what questions I need to ask and how to plan so I am ready. I feel like I’m ready to take the next step. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us all and making the information easy to digest. Thank you!” – Justine Pattantyus

“ is my only trusted source on bicycle touring. I regularly check the site for updates and trust the information more than other sources.” – Jarin Marocco

“I just wanted to thank you for creating a site like this with all its resources. I’m 17 and have always wanted to ride across America, but only recently started to really look into it. My inspiration comes from my father who, when in college (1970?s), rode across the States and ever since then has been an avid cyclist. I plan to make the trek in summer 2013. Thanks again for this website. It will no-doubt be a tool in making my touring dreams a reality.” – Michael LaMacchia

“The most comprehensive, down to earth information from a guy who lives it!” – Tom Magnone

“ is the ultimate website for the bicycle touring enthusiast, whether traveling 5 miles or 50,000.” Kris Torrey

“Your informal way of delivering information to a varied audience is so thorough and well-planned that nothing is left to chance. is the equivalent of one-stop shopping for touring information. From the basics of short, local trips to extended touring expeditions, Darren lays it all out with an easy-to-read format as well as interviews packed with information. Bookmark this site, because you’ll be back!” – Donna Gatz





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