Types of Bicycle Touring

Did you know that there are three main types of bicycle touring and a number of different sub-types?
Well, now you know! The question is… which type of bicycle touring are you most interested in?

Road Touring

Traditional road-based bike touring requires you to travel alone (without a guide) and carry all the clothing, food, and gear you need to survive on your bicycle for days, weeks, or months on end.

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A means of bicycle travel in which you cycle mostly off-road, on dirt roads or trails, and carry only a minimal amount of food, gear, and clothing in small packs attached to the frame of your bicycle.

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Organized Tours

Where you pay to be escorted along a path by an experienced bicycle touring guide or company. Forget the planning! Simply show up at the start of the tour and enjoy your cycling holiday.

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Select the type of bicycle touring you’re most interested in using the photo and image links on this page to learn more about that specific form of bicycle travel. Then, return to this page to learn more about the other main types of bicycle touring.