Tubus Front Kickstand


Keep your bicycle balanced and upright with the Tubus front kickstand.

This lightweight kickstand mounts to the Tubus Tara lowrider front rack and allows you to park your bicycle with ease. Simply use your foot to lower the kickstand arm into place and then gently learn your bicycle to its side. When used in conjunction with a standard rear kickstand, this product will keep even the heaviest of touring bicycles upright and in a safely parked position. Then, when you’re ready to ride again, simply use your foot to flick the arm of the kickstand back into position and continue down the road as normal.

There’s no longer any need to lean your bicycle against a fence, wall, post or any other such object. And better yet, no more laying your bicycle on the ground! With the Tubus front kickstand, you can quickly and easily park your bicycle anywhere… your front wheel won’t turn when you’re parked or packing your panniers… and your bicycle won’t fall over.

$54.95 USD

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