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Crazy Peruvian Bus Stories

Stories about taking the bus in Peru

 Traveling in Peru can be crazy… especially if you take some of the country’s super low-cost buses, which commonly break down, are boarded by roadside salesman, are rarely equipped with bathrooms and smell like pee, and can sometimes even be robbed by roadside bandits. In this new video/podcast, you will hear three crazy, scary […]

Mystical Peru: A Free Downloadable Photo Book

Mystical Peru is a 158-page eBook filled with more than 200 beautiful photos from the South American country of Peru. You can download the book to your computer, smart phone or tablet device for FREE… and even share it with your friends, family or co-workers! (Additional details below) About The Book In December of 2010, […]

Travel Through Peru For Less Than $500 USD Per Month

It’s that time of the month again! The time of month when I round up my monthly travel expenses and share with you just how much it REALLY costs to travel in various places around the world. This month I’m in Peru… and it’s definitely been one eventful month. During the first 31 days of […]

One Month In Peru – How Much Does It Cost?

On December 8th, 2010, I flew from my home near Salt Lake City, Utah and after a long series of flight, landed almost one day later in the city of Lima, Peru. Since then, I’ve rented an apartment in the city of Lima for two whole weeks, traveled to the small desert town of Nazca […]