Deb Winkelman Wins The Taste Of South Bohemia Bike Tour With Czech Bike Tours

Congratulations Deb Winkelman!

You have been selected as the recipient of the Taste of South Bohemia bike tour in the beautiful Czech Republic – provided by Czech Bike Tours and


The Taste of South Bohemia bike tour is a 4-day self-guided bicycle trip in which you will travel approximately 139 km (87 miles) by bike through the heart of the Czech Republic’s South Bohemia region and discover some of the most interesting sights on offer.

Click here to learn more about the Taste of South Bohemia bicycle tour.

Czech Republic Bike Tours

More than 1,500 people from all around the world came to during the month of January and entered to win a FREE 4-day self-guided bicycle tour with Czech Bike Tours in the beautiful Czech Republic. This giveaway is part of a three-month long celebration for the launch of – a new website that allows you to quickly and easily find that incredible bicycle touring experience you’ve been dreaming about.

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