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South America Bike Tour Packing List

South America bike tour packing list

I recently published the complete packing list for my bike tour in Europe this past summer (2016), but I’m in South America now and I’ve packed a little differently for this particular journey. Much of my gear has stayed the same, but there are some major differences between my Europe bike tour packing list and […]

Random Video Footage From My 2014 Bike Tour In Europe & Asia

During the second half of 2014, I rode my bicycle across 14 different countries in Europe and Asia. Because I’m traveling alone most of the time, and because it’s easier to do, I tend to shoot mostly PHOTOS on my travels. But I did happen to capture a few moments on VIDEO as well – […]

Deb Winkelman Wins The Taste Of South Bohemia Bike Tour With Czech Bike Tours

Congratulations Deb Winkelman! You have been selected as the recipient of the Taste of South Bohemia bike tour in the beautiful Czech Republic – provided by Czech Bike Tours and The Taste of South Bohemia bike tour is a 4-day self-guided bicycle trip in which you will travel approximately 139 km (87 miles) by […]

50 Places To Bike Before You Die – The Book

If you’re looking for some new, safe and stunning places to ride your bike this year, I encourage you to check out Chris Santella’s new book, 50 Places To Bike Before You Die. This 224-page hardcover book is the 9th in the series of “Before You Die” books by Chris Santella. Like all the books […]

The Roman Baths In Varna, Bulgaria – Video Post

Today I took a short trip to Varna, Bulgaria’s Roman Baths.  It cost me 4 Bulgarian lek to get in (about $2.56 USD) and only about 20 minutes to walk around the entire complex. There really isn’t a whole lot to see there and it doesn’t compare well with many of the other Roman ruins […]

The $13 Hotel Room

While bicycle touring in Bulgaria I stopped for two nights in the city of Byala and paid less than $13 USD per night for a clean and modern hotel room with high speed Internet and more. Check it out!

Cycling To Plage Blanche In Morocco

Blanche and Douwe (from the Netherlands) rode a set of loaded touring bicycles to Morocco’s Plage Blanche beach and produced the video above to share their travels with others. In this short film, Blanche and Douwe discuss the various reason they keep returning to both bicycle touring and Morocco, time and time again. They also […]

20 Incredible Camping Locations In Iceland

One of the things that makes Iceland such an incredible location for a long-distance bicycle touring is its endless array of camping spots. Finding an area to pitch your tent each night isn’t difficult. The most difficult part about camping in Iceland is figuring out which direction to set up your tent so as to […]

A Bikepacking Adventure In South-East Alaska

Some cycling adventures require a completely different arsenal of travel equipment – as can be seen in this video of five friends traveling by both bike and pack-raft along the coastline of south-east Alaska. This video was found by reader, Nathan Ross, who wrote to be and said: I found this video on Vimeo […]

Kasia Prepares For Her “Ride To Read” Bicycle Tour

Earlier this year, 23-year-old Kasia Szewczyk was selected as the recipient of the 2012 Bicycle Touring Pro Travel Scholarship and was given $500 USD to help her make her bicycle tour, from Spain to Turkey, a reality. Not only is Kasia planning to ride by herself from Spain to Turkey (an impressive feat in and […]

Winter Cycling – Layered Clothing Instructional Video

Winter cyclists not only need special types of clothing for their cold weather bike rides, but they need to understand how their various layers of clothing are meant to overlap and inter-work with each other. This video demonstrates one technique for dressing for the bike in cold-weather winter conditions. The clothing system detailed in this […]

Down The Road In Thailand, Cambodia And Vietnam – Book Review

There are few people in the world brave enough to give up the security of their modern-day lives and dedicate themselves to traveling around the world on a bicycle. But that’s exactly what Arizona couple, Tim and Cindie Travis, have done! After traveling for more than three years across North America, South America and Southeast […]