5 Best Fiido Electric Bikes to Add to Your Collection

Adding an electric bike to your stable is a great way to ride faster with less effort. These pedal-assist electric bicycles give you a break from profuse sweating yet allow you to cruise at high speeds unachievable with conventional bikes.

But the market has many brands, so we’ve taken some time to analyze Fiido electric bikes, a new brand. We think Fiido is a great option for those looking for an electric bike, but they have several models based on your budget, preference, and use.

Nevertheless, our detailed purchase guide will help you pick the best.

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T1 Utility Electric Bike – $1,399

fiido electric bike t1

The T1 Utility Electric Bike by Fiido is a versatile and powerful bike that takes you anywhere, whether in the jungle, beach, or on rocky terrain. It has a 750W motor and can reach speeds of up to 45km/h on its 48V 20AH battery. This means you get to your destinations promptly.

It also has front lights, making it perfect for riding around at night, while its front shock absorbers make it an all-terrain bike. Moreover, its anti-skid tread pattern, wide rims, and off-road fat tire make it easy to navigate any challenging terrain.

The handlebars and frame material are made of aluminum alloys making the bike lightweight yet solid and durable. So, if you want to upgrade your electric bike, the T1 is a perfect option.


Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike – $499

Fiido D3 Pro Mini Bike

The Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike is one of the best-selling Fiido electric bikes and comes in white and black colors. It is a bike ideal for any height and age, whether a student or a professional looking for a cheaper means to get to work.

It has a 36V voltage and 7.8AH battery, chargeable within 5 hours, meaning no wasted time charging. When fully charged, the bike has a 60 km range and a top speed of 25km/h, which is more than enough for around town or commuting. The bike features a pedal assist, adjustable from level one to level five, depending on how much assistance you want.

Ideally, the D3 is the best Fiido electric bike for individuals looking for an affordable, lightweight, and functional bike.


Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike for Commuter – $899

fiido electric bike d11 folding bike

Looking for the best Fiido foldable electric bike? Then the Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike is a great option. It is ultra-light, easy to fold, has a 100km range, and has a high-capacity battery.

The folding system allows you to easily store it in your car or take it on public transport. Plus, it has plenty of power, so you don’t have any issues climbing hills or inclines. The 250W mortar provides enough power to cruise at a maximum speed of 25km/h, while its removable 36V 11.6AH means you can charge it anywhere, thus providing convenience.


Fiido M1 Pro Fat Tire Electric Bike – $1,099

fiido m1 pro fat tire bike

The Fiido M1 Pro Fat Tire Electric Bike is the best electric bike for off-road riding. The Fat Tire is designed to handle a variety of terrains and arduous challenges.

The front and rear shock absorbers mean smoother rides and no fear of bumpy rides. Additionally, it is foldable, thus easily portable to your preferred destination. The 48V and 500 times chargeable battery means more chances to venture out and enjoy a ride.

The bike can reach a 130km range and a 40km/h top speed.


Fiido D21 Folding Electric Bike with Torque Sensor – $1,099

fiido bike

If you want a smoother, more enjoyable, and more intuitive ride, the Fiido D21 Folding Electric Bike is what you need.

This bike has a torque sensor which helps sense force exerted on the pedals. It’s 17.5kg in weight and can achieve a 100km range.



Undoubtedly, Fiido is a good option for electric bikes. The models have a perfect design for long and short-range bikers. Also, the bikes are lightweight, durable, and decent quality to give you a good experience.

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