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Crazy Peruvian Bus Stories

Stories about taking the bus in Peru

 Traveling in Peru can be crazy… especially if you take some of the country’s super low-cost buses, which commonly break down, are boarded by roadside salesman, are rarely equipped with bathrooms and smell like pee, and can sometimes even be robbed by roadside bandits. In this new video/podcast, you will hear three crazy, scary […]

In Search Of Cantaloupe – A Cycling Story

7:30 a.m. A day out of Bar Harbor on a bicycle trip to Illinois. I pedaled over to a produce stand and asked if they had any cantaloupe. “Why, this is a produce stand, son.” “I can sell you a pepper…” “I can sell you a head o’ lettuce…” “I can sell you beans.” “I […]

Getting Mail In Croatia

This morning I was awoken by a knock at my apartment door. “Hello?” I called. The handle on the door turned and I called again. “Hello?!” The handle creaked and the door slid open. “What the heck!?” I thought to myself as I jumped from the bed, still in my sleeping bag. The blond haired […]