How To Take Better Travel Photos - Understanding The Rule Of Thirds

How To Take Better Travel Photos – Understanding The Rule Of Thirds

beautiful travel photo landscape

If you've ever gone on a trip and come home with a camera full of terrible, uninspiring photographs... then please keep reading. I wrote this article just for you!

Over the next several minutes I am going to teach you about a simple photo-taking concept called "The Rule Of Thirds" that, if you put it to use, will dramatically improve your travel photos and ensure that you come home from you next travel adventure with a camera full of captivating images.

To start, let me explain something: For the past several months I have been traveling through Peru by myself. I have a camera with me (of course)... but because I'm alone, I have no one else to take my picture as I slowly travel about. Because of this, I'm forced to ask strangers to take my photo - strangers who have no idea what The Rule Of Thirds is or how to properly frame a photograph.

HERE'S PROOF: Just look at the following 3 photos that strangers on my travels have taken of me:

terrible travel photo in lima peru

terrible travel photo from nazca peru

puno peru travel photo mistakes

Pretty terrible photos, right?

I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that after this trip is over, I'll have very few good photos of myself in Peru.

Besides the fact that my eyes are obviously closed in the third image and the picture is slightly out of focus, these three photos do a good job of summarizing the terrible photos I get in return when I ask other people to take my picture. And I'm sick of it!

That's why I decided to write this post - To teach people about The Rule Of Thirds and the simple art of framing a photograph.

I'll explain more about The Rule Of Thirds in just a moment. But before I do that, take a look at these photos I've taken during my travels in Peru... and note the difference between these photos here and he ones pictures above.

good travel photo from puno peru

young teenagers looking down on the city of cuzco peru

travel photos from churches

four students in lima peru - perfect travel photo

colca canyon peru travel photo

christmas boy travel photo

how to take better travel photos

Now, I'm not the best photographer in the world (I'll be quick to admit that), but I'm pretty sure the photos I've taken are a whole lot better than the ones other people on my travels have taken of me.

Do you see the difference between the first 3 photos I shared with you and the 7 travel photos pictured above?

If not, let me explain!

The main difference between the crappy photos at the top of this article and the images I just shared with you is that the images I shot were shot using a concept known as "The Rule Of Thirds."

In order to best explain this concept, let's take another look at that first crappy photo I shared with you.

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