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Explore Scenic Monument Valley on the Seat of Your Bicycle!

Monument Valley three buttes

Now you can explore the majestic Monument Valley in Northern Arizona on the seat of your bicycle! This amazingly scenic one-day bike ride will transport you across 17 miles of dirt roads, towering mesas, beautiful buttes and inspirational spires formed over the millennia out of sand and stone. Watch the video on this page and […]

Bikepacking the Rainbow Rim Trail at the Grand Canyon

Bikepacking the Grand Canyon Rainbow Rim Trail

What would you say if I told you I knew of a secret cycling trail that runs along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon; that you can cycle in just 1 or 2 days; and that allows you to camp for free on the edge of the Grand Canyon with no one else around […]

Bikepacking in Flagstaff, Arizona – Free Map & Videos

Bikepacking in Flagstaff Arizona

Get ready for an incredible bikepacking trip through the pine forests surrounding the spectacular city of Flagstaff, Arizona! Flagstaff, Arizona is a city in northern Arizona with a population of approximately 75,000 and situated at an elevation of 6,910 ft (2,106 m). The city itself is home to Northern Arizona University, which draws young, outdoor-minded individuals from […]

Prescott National Forest Bike Tour

Bicycle touring pro in the Prescott National Forest pine trees

Get ready for an incredible cycling adventure with the Prescott National Forest Bike Tour! The Prescott National Forest is a 1.25 million acre U.S. National Forest located in and around the city of Prescott, Arizona. At its lowest elevation, the Prescott National Forest looks like that of the Sonoran Desert. But as the elevation rises, […]

#Vanlife Lessons: What I Learned During My First 2 Months Of Living, Working & Traveling In A Van

Darren Alff's Dodge Caravan Campervan and touring bicycle

People know me as the “Bicycle Touring Pro” because, for the last 17 years, I’ve been traveling around the world on my bicycle and teaching people like you to conduct their own incredible bicycle touring adventures. But this autumn, rather than going on another big bike tour in some foreign country, I decided  to try […]

Cycle Touring In The American Southwest (VIDEO)

Danish bicycle traveler, Dennis Koomen, created a beautiful twenty-three minute video about his cycle touring exploits in the American Southwest. In the video, Dennis and his female companion travel from Las Vegas, Nevada and make a circle around the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley and a number of other famous Nevada, Arizona and Utah […]