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Live Your Dream Life With “The 4-Hour Workweek”

The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

This is the book I recommend you read ►►► The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss For the last 17+ years, I’ve been traveling around the world on my bicycle. I’ve cycled across more than 50 different countries on 5 different continents and I’ve lived in dozens of different cities all around the world. I bought […]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy The Bicycle Touring Blueprint

The Bicycle Touring Blueprint

The Bicycle Touring Blueprint is a detailed how-to book that teaches you how to conduct a bike tour of any length anywhere in the world. This single book has helped thousands of people learn to conduct short and long distance bike tours all around the world… but can it help you too? Here’s what I […]

The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles – Free Download?

pdf download the essential guide to touring bicycles

“The Essential Guide To Touring Bicycles” is an ebook and paperback book produced by Bicycle Touring Pro. The book is designed to teach you about the difference between touring bicycles and other bike types you might be familiar with (road bikes, mountain bikes, etc). In addition to the practical touring bike info, the book comes […]

Stretching For Cyclists – Official Book Review

“Stretching For Cyclists” is a short 40-page book designed to make cycling-specific stretches a fast, easy and automatic part of your cycling routine. “Stretching For Cyclists” is available in both eBook and paperback formats on this page. Written by the Bicycle Touring Pro, Darren Alff – Modeling by Caroline Gleich.

Washington State Bike Tours – Cycling Sojourner : A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Tours in Washington

cycling sojourner book review

Are you looking for a book filled with maps, route information and expert advice on the best Washington State bike tours? If so, then look no further! The name may be long and difficult to say, but the new book by author Ellee Thalheimer is informative, well-designed and jam-packed with useful bits of bike touring knowledge. […]

BIKE CAMP COOK: The Food & Travel Cookbook For Bicycle Tourists

Bike Camp Cook - Bicycle Touring Cookbook

Buying, cooking and eating delicious foods while traveling the world on a bicycle doesn’t have to be a painful or difficult task. In fact, cooking delicious meals with local foods found along your travels can be both easy and downright enjoyable! In her delightfully photographed and well-written bicycle touring cookbook (BIKE CAMP COOK), Tara Alan, […]

Keith’s Incredible Journey: A Record Breaking Bike Tour From Alaska To Argentina

A few months ago my mother gave me a truly heartfelt gift – a hardback book titled, Keith’s Incredible Journey. The book, which was published in 1984 and is essentially a collection of day-by-day journal entries mailed home at various times throughout the author’s travels and later compiled into one large text, tells the story […]

The 3 Best Books I Read On My Last Bike Tour

Reading has always been a big part of my bicycle touring adventures. One of the many benefits of bicycle touring is that it provides you with the time to do so many of the things you are too busy to do in your everyday life… and for me, this means reading more books! During my […]

The Top 10 Winter Cycling Secrets Revealed Inside This Special 1-Hour Winter Bike Riding Webinar

On Tuesday, November 5th, 2013, the author of the book, Winter Cycling: The Definitive Guide To Cold Weather Winter Bike Rides, sat down and conducted an hour-long webinar about the secrets of cycling in the wintertime. Watch the video recording of this event above and discover: How to stay warm (and comfortably cool) during your […]

Winter Cycling – The Book: Available Now!

That’s right! My new 120-page book about WINTER CYCLING is available now! Get it here: Have Fun Riding Your Bicycle This Winter Riding a bicycle during the cold, wet months of winter can be intimidating and scary, but it can also be incredibly fun and rewarding. In this new book, I set out to […]

50 Places To Bike Before You Die – The Book

If you’re looking for some new, safe and stunning places to ride your bike this year, I encourage you to check out Chris Santella’s new book, 50 Places To Bike Before You Die. This 224-page hardcover book is the 9th in the series of “Before You Die” books by Chris Santella. Like all the books […]

Down The Road In Thailand, Cambodia And Vietnam – Book Review

There are few people in the world brave enough to give up the security of their modern-day lives and dedicate themselves to traveling around the world on a bicycle. But that’s exactly what Arizona couple, Tim and Cindie Travis, have done! After traveling for more than three years across North America, South America and Southeast […]