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Keith’s Incredible Journey: A Record Breaking Bike Tour From Alaska To Argentina

A few months ago my mother gave me a truly heartfelt gift – a hardback book titled, Keith’s Incredible Journey. The book, which was published in 1984 and is essentially a collection of day-by-day journal entries mailed home at various times throughout the author’s travels and later compiled into one large text, tells the story […]

Thunder & Sunshine: A Review Of Alastair Humphreys’ Second Book About His Bike Ride Around The World

It took young Alastair Humphreys more than four years to ride his bicycle around the world, during which time he crossed through five continents and pedaled more than 46,000 miles under his own power. Thunder & Sunshine is the remarkable account of Alastair Humphreys’ bicycle touring adventures in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. […]

Urban Downhill – Extreme Bicycle Racing

Urban downhill is an extreme form of downhill bicycle racing in which participants race through urban street environments not originally designed for bikes of any kind. Racing down steep flights of stairs, jumping over walls, flying through public courtyards, and even cutting through people’s houses, the videos you see here are shot in Chile, Mexico, […]