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Save Space & Pack Light With The Lightweight Vargo Outdoors Decagon Alcohol Stove

titanium alcohol stove from rei

Buy the Vargo Outdoors Decagon Stove – – My camp cooking secrets revealed This is the lightweight stove I use for my backpacking, camping and bicycle touring adventures all around the world. It’s called the Vargo Outdoors Decagon Alcohol Stove… and it’s available for purchase at REI stores and at The Vargo Outdoors Decagon […]

Bicycle Touring Gear – My 2015 Packing List

It’s 2015… and this is my 15th year in a row of bicycle touring all around the world. Last year I cycled across 14 countries in Asia, Europe, and North America… and now I’m back in Europe for another epic year of bicycle touring. Because I’m so frequently asked about the gear, clothing, and equipment […]

Packing For A Bicycle Tour: Everything You Need To Know

bicycle panniers on a touring bike

You want to travel the world by bike, but you’re unsure about WHAT to pack… and HOW exactly you should pack it all on your bicycle. In this article I will demonstrate to you how I pack my current touring bicycle (a Co-Motion Pangea), my four Ortlieb panniers and my single Ortlieb handlebar bag. Inside […]

What To Pack For A Year-Long Bicycle Tour

I’m traveling for a year. Yes, a year! And I’m doing it on my bicycle. It’s called long-distance bicycle touring… and traveling this way requires that you carry just about everything you need on your bicycle with you: clothes, food, toiletries and more! Your bicycle is essentially your home on the road. Because I’m traveling […]

How Much Does It Cost To Gear Up For A Bicycle Tour?

Bicycle touring can be an extremely inexpensive means of transportation, holiday, fun and more! But purchasing all the gear you need in order to conduct a long-distance bicycle tour can be a major drain on your bank account. The question is: How much does all this bicycle touring gear really cost? Well, I never really […]

Katy Trail Packing List

You don’t have to travel around the world or live on the road for months on end to call yourself a bicycle traveler. Conducting short trips by bike in your local area (or even in your home country) is a great way to get out and experience the joys of bicycle travel. Yesterday I flew […]

Orikaso Fold Flat Tablewear: A Product Review

Orikaso flat fold tablewear is one unique product! Likely a play on the word “origami,” which is the art of folding paper into a variety of decorative forms, Orikaso is a product made of flat colored plastic that can be folded into an entire table set – plate, cup and bowl. It’s a great idea […]

Lightload Towels: Product Review

I was recently sent a 3-Pack of Lightload Towels and asked to review the product here on the site. To find out what I think of Lightload Towels and how I would use them on my own travels, you can watch the video above or read the quick summary below. Product Features Each towel comes […]

Your Complete Bicycle Touring Gear Checklist

In response to my recent post on the 10 Important Items You Should Have, But Might Not Think Of Bringing On Your Bike Tour, reader, Jim Dirlam sent me a checklist that he created to help bicycle travelers pack for their upcoming bicycle touring adventures. The bicycle touring gear checklist is incredibly detailed and […]

Sea To Summit Titanium Spork

When traveling by bike, you should always be on the look out for ways to make your load lighter. Weight is not a cyclist’s friend, and if you can find a way to reduce the weight or size of your packs, you should do it! Sometimes this is done by buying lighter or more compact […]

How To Make Your Own Working Camp Stove

titanium alcohol stove from rei

Finding the right stove for your bicycle tour can be difficult. There are dozens of different stoves to choose from and it seems as though each one requires a different type of fuel. That’s why, years ago, when I came across the designs for a working camp stove made out of two ordinary soda cans, […]