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Specialized Hemisphere Bike Tires (26″ x 1.95″)

specialized hemisphere bike tires

My current bike tires: Specialized Hemisphere (26″ x 1.95″) I’ve had a set of Continental Country Plus tires on my touring bicycle for the last 12 months. They were fantastic tires for my recent cycling adventures in Andorra, Denmark, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United States, but after more than a year of […]

What Kind Of Tires Do You Use?

People always ask me, “What kind of bicycle tires do you use on your travels all around the world?” They usually go on to tell me that their friend… or the guy at their local bike shop… or some random stranger on the Internet recommended a particular type of tire (usually the Schwalbe Marathon Plus […]

Bicycle Touring Gear – My 2015 Packing List

It’s 2015… and this is my 15th year in a row of bicycle touring all around the world. Last year I cycled across 14 countries in Asia, Europe, and North America… and now I’m back in Europe for another epic year of bicycle touring. Because I’m so frequently asked about the gear, clothing, and equipment […]

BIKE TIRE FAIL: Continental Town & Country Tires

continental town and country tires

Continental Town & Country bike tires look great, have a unique tread pattern and are designed for both on and off-road cycling use. But be warned, these tires have a short life-span and are not designed for the demands of long-distance, self-supported bicycle touring. Over the last three years I have used two different sets […]