Cycle For Change Interviews The Bicycle Touring Pro

I recently conducted an interview with Gavin from and in the interview I was asked to discuss my bicycle touring experiences, the experiences of those who come looking for information here at, and to give some advice to first time bicycle travelers.

In the interview I discuss:

  • How I first got started with bicycle touring.
  • Whether or not you need to be a “fitness freak” in order to travel by bike.
  • Why you shouldn’t wait too long to go on your bike trips.
  • How and why was started.
  • What it takes to organize and complete a bicycle adventure.
  • What sort of personal characteristics are needed for long distance touring.
  • How to deal with the loneliness that often time accompanies bicycle travel.
  • What the minimum equipment requirements are for long distance bicycle touring.
  • The biggest mistake most first-time bicycle travelers make.
  • How to train and mentally prepare yourself for your first bike tour.
  • How to keep expenses low and finance your trip.
  • Plus, my personal favorite places that I’ve been to over the last 9 years of bicycle travel.

If you have a good 30 minutes to set aside, head over to the blog and check out the interview.

Click here to listen to part 1 (15 minutes)
Click here to listen to part 2 (13 minutes)

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