The Pletscher ESGE Multi Zoom Rear Adjustable Bicycle Kickstand

Pletscher sge kickstand

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The Pletscher ESGE Multi Zoom is rear mounted kickstand designed to provide stability for your loaded or unloaded bicycle, even on rough terrain, making it ideal for local commuting or for long-distance bike tours all around the world.

While a kickstand like this isn’t 100% necessary for bicycle touring – you can always just lean your bike up against a nearby wall, fence or object – a kickstand like this makes it so you never have to lay your bicycle down on the ground or worry about it falling over on uneven terrain.

Plus, if you want a kickstand to use for bicycle touring, the Pletscher ESGE makes it super easy for you to pack up your bicycle each and every day.

This is a heavy duty, Swiss-made kickstand composed of a durable aluminum material that won’t wear down over time. It’s relatively lightweight when compared with other kickstands (although it is still fairly substantial) and it’s very easy to use. Just kick the stand in and out of place as you see fit. When not in use, the kickstand sits back in a horizontal position, extending outward near the rear end of your bicycle’s back tire.

I was fearful that this kickstand wouldn’t work on my specific touring bicycle because of possible interference from my rear disc brakes, but I was able to squeeze the kickstand into place without any problems. It looks and works great too!

And if you’re riding a large or small bicycle, note that this kickstand can be easily adjusted to various lengths, making it easy to fit the stand to your bicycle’s needs.

My only complaint about this kickstand is that I haven’t got a clue as to how to properly pronounce its name. Pletscher ESGE? Pletscher ESGE? I don’t really know.

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  1. Sven says:

    What do you think about Lowrider Kickstands? Are they a good idea when using Front-Rollers? Since i have not seen you using one on your tours, i ask myself if i should mount one to my tubus.

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