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Bicycle Touring Pro’s Cold Weather Bike Camping Gear List (2022 Updated)

bike camping gear list

This cold-weather bike camping gear list would be perfect for a bicycle tour in Iceland, Norway, Russia, Alaska, and/or many other parts of the world where you have a high likelihood (even in the summertime) of encountering cold, wind, hail, and snow. Planning a bike tour in certain parts of the world at certain times […]

Explore Scenic Monument Valley on the Seat of Your Bicycle!

Monument Valley three buttes

Now you can explore the majestic Monument Valley in Northern Arizona on the seat of your bicycle! This amazingly scenic one-day bike ride will transport you across 17 miles of dirt roads, towering mesas, beautiful buttes and inspirational spires formed over the millennia out of sand and stone. Watch the video on this page and […]

Border Crossing On A Bicycle

Border crossing on a bicycle

Crossing an international border is not always as straightforward as you might think! While many people are familiar with the idea of crossing an international border in a car, train or airplane, many people are unfamiliar with the act of riding a bicycle across the border of two neighboring countries. So, in today’s new Bicycle […]

18 Year Old Cycles Across the USA After Graduating From High School

18 Year Old USA Bike Tour - Quinn

 Quinn is an amazing 18 year old who cycled across the USA after graduating from high school. During his cross-country cycling adventure, Quinn came and stayed at my home in Park City, Utah… and during his stay I took some time to sit down with him and interview him about his epic cross-country bikepacking […]

Can Bicycle Touring Cure Your Depression?

Can Bicycle Touring Cure Depression?

 Hundreds of people try bicycle touring or bikepacking each year as a cure or treatment for their depression. But is a bike tour (or cycling in general) a good cure for depression? Watch the video above or listen to the latest episode of the “Bicycle Touring Pro” podcast to hear my thoughts on the […]

Funny & Scary Police Encounters From My Travels Around The World

Police Stories

When you travel the world for years on end, you’re bound to eventually have some interactions with the police – both good and bad. In this week’s new Bicycle Touring Pro video, you will hear three funny and scary stories about encounters I’ve had with the police in different countries all around the world. In […]

Crazy Peruvian Bus Stories

Stories about taking the bus in Peru

 Traveling in Peru can be crazy… especially if you take some of the country’s super low-cost buses, which commonly break down, are boarded by roadside salesman, are rarely equipped with bathrooms and smell like pee, and can sometimes even be robbed by roadside bandits. In this new video/podcast, you will hear three crazy, scary […]

Scary Nighttime Animal Encounters

scary nighttime animal encounters

 Have you ever been camping in the woods and heard a noise outside and thought to yourself, “Is there a big, scary animal outside my tent?” Well, in this storytime video from Darren Alff, the Bicycle Touring Pro, you will hear about three scary nighttime encounters with animals from Darren’s bicycle touring adventures all […]

Which Tent Is Better? Big Agnes Copper Spur vs. REI Quarter Dome

Big Agnes Copper Spur tent

Which tent is better? The Big Agnes Copper Spur 1-Man Tent? Or the REI Quarter Dome 1- Man Tent? In this review, I set out to discover which tent is better – the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL or the REI Quarter Dome 1-man tent. These two tents are extremely similar in design. Both […]

Bikes & Burritos Overnight Bicycle Tour – Malibu, California

Bikes & Burritos - California

 This December, I organized the 5th ever Bicycle Touring Pro “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bike tour in Southern California… and 15 people from all across the state (and around the country) turned up to ride from the city of Camarillo, down the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the nearby Sycamore Canyon Campground in the […]

Train & Bike Horror Stories!

Train and Bike Horror Stories - Bicycle Touring Pro

 Traveling on a train with your bicycle isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes, traveling with a bike on a train is a downright disaster! In this new video/audio podcast, Darren Alff – the Bicycle Touring Pro, shares three train and bike horror stories from his bicycle touring adventures all around the world. These are […]

Claire & Caroline’s 1st Bikepacking Trip

Claire Simpson, Darren Alff and Caroline Bikepacking in Utah Video

 Last summer, I was invited to the Bonneville Salt Flats in northwestern Utah on a short, overnight campout with my friend Madison and some of her friends. While there, I met Claire and Caroline… who shortly thereafter invited me to join them on a 3-day backpacking trip in the Sawtooth National Forest in the […]