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Crazy Peruvian Bus Stories

Stories about taking the bus in Peru

 Traveling in Peru can be crazy… especially if you take some of the country’s super low-cost buses, which commonly break down, are boarded by roadside salesman, are rarely equipped with bathrooms and smell like pee, and can sometimes even be robbed by roadside bandits. In this new video/podcast, you will hear three crazy, scary […]

Backpacking & Bicycle Touring Are Incredibly Similar… And This Will Save You A Lot Of Money!

Two happy backpacker men having fun in the mountains of Sequoia National Park

This past weekend I spent 4 days backpacking in the mountains of Sequoia National Park (in California, USA) with an old high school friend of mine… and while I was out there on the hiking trail, I started thinking about just how difficult it can be for people, such as yourself, to get started with […]

BIKE CAMP COOK: The Food & Travel Cookbook For Bicycle Tourists

Bike Camp Cook - Bicycle Touring Cookbook

Buying, cooking and eating delicious foods while traveling the world on a bicycle doesn’t have to be a painful or difficult task. In fact, cooking delicious meals with local foods found along your travels can be both easy and downright enjoyable! In her delightfully photographed and well-written bicycle touring cookbook (BIKE CAMP COOK), Tara Alan, […]

Meeting Two Polish Backpackers In Bran, Romania

I ran into these two Polish backpackers during my last night in Bran, Romania. Joanna and Eric (I think? I don’t think it was Eric. I forgot. Eek!) We had a long talk about winter camping, rock climbing and Romanian bears!

Thru-Hiking Park City, Utah’s Wasatch Crest Trail

Bicycle touring is a lot like backpacking… except that on a bike trip the weight of your gear is placed on your bicycle instead of your body. After a recent short two-day backpacking trip near my home in Park City, Utah, I’ve been reminded of just how nice it can be to travel with a […]

The Secrets Of Stealth Camping

It’s called many things: stealth camping, wild camping, guerrilla camping, rolling off into the woods, etc. In the end, they all mean the same thing. Stealth camping is the act of quietly finding a place away from people where you can camp for the night and then quickly slip away in the morning without being […]