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Funny & Scary Police Encounters From My Travels Around The World

Police Stories

When you travel the world for years on end, you’re bound to eventually have some interactions with the police – both good and bad. In this week’s new Bicycle Touring Pro video, you will hear three funny and scary stories about encounters I’ve had with the police in different countries all around the world. In […]

Scary Encounters With The Police in Southern Africa

Scary Encounters with Police

 Travel the world for long enough and you’re sure to have some scary encounters with the police. That was certainly the case for Darren Alff, the Bicycle Touring Pro, during his three-month-long bicycle touring adventure across the Southern African countries of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. During his three-month journey by bike, Darren had […]

Photos From My Bike Ride Across Norway & Sweden

norway bridge with sunset orange and blue sky

After two-and-a-half weeks of rest and relaxation in this Sula island vacation home, I packed up my  touring bicycle, pedaled out of the drive way, and began my 10-day self-supported bicycle tour across Norway and Sweden. I had to leave super early on the first day, so I was super tired as I left the […]

First Day In Romania: Rough Roads And Police Stops

Crossing into Romania was a breeze. I rode over the bridge that separates Bulgaria from Romania and halfway over the Danube river saw the sign welcoming me to a new country – ROMANIA! After crossing the bridge and cycling onto Romanian soil, I then pedaled up to the Romanian customs and passport patrol booths. Without […]

Stealth Camping Locations

Hello BTP readers, “JimboTrek” here. Over the last ten years or so I’ve amassed 4,000+ miles of bicycle touring experience and over 3,200 miles of hiking experience. Most of the nights I’ve spent traveling involved camping – and a large portion of those nights required that I partake in what is commonly referred to as […]