Funny & Scary Police Encounters From My Travels Around The World

Police Stories

When you travel the world for years on end, you’re bound to eventually have some interactions with the police – both good and bad.

In this week’s new Bicycle Touring Pro video, you will hear three funny and scary stories about encounters I’ve had with the police in different countries all around the world.

In the first story, you’ll find out what the police in the U.S. state of Wyoming do when your mother calls them and is worried about your safety.

In the second story, you’ll learn how I evaded in the police in a small Peruvian village and illegally jumped on a bus with two German tourists and a giant bottle of milk.

And in the third story, you’ll find out what happened when I dropped my passport on a bus in the middle of South America and was confronted by a police officer on the street a few days later.

Watch the new video titled, “International Encounters with the Police” and enjoy these three funny/scary stories about international encounters with the police!

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