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Five winter cycle touring destinations to beat the cold

  Head somewhere warm this winter… Cold weather can be tough on cyclists in the Northern Hemisphere, but it doesn’t have to be. In the winter months, you can ride through some of the most beautiful places in the world—and then treat your body to some delicious food and a warm bath when you’re done […]

Bicycle Touring Pro’s Cold Weather Bike Camping Gear List (2022 Updated)

bike camping gear list

This cold-weather bike camping gear list would be perfect for a bicycle tour in Iceland, Norway, Russia, Alaska, and/or many other parts of the world where you have a high likelihood (even in the summertime) of encountering cold, wind, hail, and snow. Planning a bike tour in certain parts of the world at certain times […]

The REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket – Tested & Reviewed

REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket worn by Darren Alff in Sao Pedro do Moel Portugal

Ever since I purchased my red REI Rhyolite Rain Jacket in the spring of 2015, people have been asking me, “What kind of rain jacket is that? And where can I get one?” I guess that means people think the jacket looks good. 🙂 Well, let me tell you, it performs well too – both […]