Bicycle Touring In Morocco With Pat & Cat Patterson

morocco street musician


Pat & Cat Patterson are a retired couple from Southern California who spent four years traveling around the world together on their bicycles. They started from their home in Oxnard, California… cycled across the United States… went down through Europe and then, after reaching Gibraltar… took a boat over to Morocco in northern Africa and began cycling south.

The couple’s friends and family were worried about them traveling through Morocco on bicycles (all alone and so accessible to potential attacks and robberies), so the couple was concerned about what they might encounter during their bike ride across the country.

During this second episode of the Bicycle Touring Pro – Adventure Podcast, Pat & Cat Patterson discuss some of their best and worst moments from their bike tour in northern Africa. You’ll hear about the time they were robbed of $100 Euros… and the lessons they learned from that experience. Of course, you’ll also hear about the kindness they experienced from countless individuals along the way.

Morocco photo by: Ahron de Leeuw (Flickr Creative Commons)

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