Adventure Monkey Magazine: Cycle Touring In Albania

Have you got an Adventure Monkey inside you? Eric Benjamin is a Kansas cyclist and extremely talented photographer who runs the Adventure Monkey website and is the creator of Adventure Monkey magazine – both of which have been created in hopes of inspiring you “to remember your dreams and live the life you have always wanted to live, no excuses or regrets.”

The second issue of Eric’s Adventure Monkey magazine just came out a few days ago and a short story by yours truly has been included. The story I submitted is about my cycling exploits this past year in the country of Albania… and the lessons I learned from traveling through this apparently dangerous European country.

For a limited time you can download a free copy of the magazine by simply visiting this page. By visiting this same page you can also order a printed version of the magazine, which is then delivered to your home.

Thank you Eric for including me in this month’s issue… and keep up the great work!

Now head on over to the Adventure Monkey website and pick up your free copy of the Mag.

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