Bicycle Touring Pro’s 10 Best Articles Of 2013

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During the year 2013 there were 116 free articles published on the website here at Here are the 10 most popular articles from the website during that time. These are Bicycle Touring Pro’s 10 most popular bicycle touring articles of 2013!


co-motion pangea review

1: Review Of My Co-Motion Pangea Touring Bicycle

This is a detailed review of the Bicycle Touring Pro’s Co-Motion Pangea touring bicycle – a bike designed to be ridden on and off-road in various locations all around the world. The review contains more than 100 photos of the bicycle.


voltaic fuse solar panel for bicycle

2: A Solar Panel Designed For Bicycle Travelers – The Voltaic Fuse

Looking for a way to charge your phone, camera, GPS or other small electrical device on your bicycle tour? Look no further! In this review I show off the incredible Voltaic Fuse 4 Watt solar panel.


shimano spd bicycle pedal

3: Cheap Bicycle Touring Gear – Sample Packing List

Bicycle touring doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In this short article I show how even shopping for brand new gear and equipment you can easily equip yourself for a self-supported bicycle tour of any kind.


Ortlieb bike-packer plus pannier attachment

4: Ortlieb Bike Tour Panniers: An In-Depth Product Review

For the last four years I’ve been using Ortlieb’s waterproof Bike-Packer and Sport-Packer plus panniers to carry my belongings on my travels. This is my full and detailed review of these two cycling products.


Darren Alff riding his touring bicycle in South Africa

5: 1,000 Free Articles About Bicycle Touring

In Bicycle Touring Pro’s first five years, more than 1,000 free articles, videos, and how-to content was produced. This article links to some of the best and most popular pieces of content on


packing bicycle panniers video

6: Packing Your Panniers For A Bicycle Tour – Video

This article explains how to pack your panniers so that your belongings stay safe, dry, and easy to access on your travels. Packing your panniers correctly is an important part of the bicycle touring experience.


Darren Alff camping with his bike in South Africa

7: Bicycle Touring In South Africa: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re dreaming of a bicycle tour in South Africa, then you need to read this article. Learn how to deal with wild animals, what to expect in the local townships, where to camp, what to eat and a whole lot more!


Darren Alff riding his touring bike in Poland during the wintertime

8: Winter Cycling Secrets Revealed

Don’t let the cold, dark and wet months of winter prevent you from cycling! With a properly equipped bicycle, the right clothing, and a few basic skills, you can bike all winter long and keep a smile on your face.


South Africa mountain bike tour photo

9: Mountain Biking In South Africa On The African Bikers Garden Route Bike Tour

Are you ready for a two-week-long mountain biking adventure in beautiful South Africa? Ride along as I review the African Bikers Garden Route Mountain Bike Tour. This is one incredible experience!


France's Loire Valley bike tours

10: A Romantic Cycle Touring Holiday in France’s Loire Valley

If you’re looking for a laid back, romantic cycling holiday that just about anyone can complete, then consider the Active4Adventures Loire Valley self-guided bicycle tour. Read my review right here.


Which is these 10 articles is your favorite? And what type of articles would you like to see more of from Bicycle Touring Pro in the future? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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