Bikes & Burritos Overnight Bicycle Tour – Malibu, California

Bikes & Burritos - California

This December, I organized the 5th ever Bicycle Touring Pro “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bike tour in Southern California… and 15 people from all across the state (and around the country) turned up to ride from the city of Camarillo, down the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the nearby Sycamore Canyon Campground in the city of Malibu.

Along the way we stopped at California State University Channel Islands, rode our bikes through the farm fields, onto the Pacific Coast Highway, past Mugu Rock, down the coastal blue waters, alongside hundreds of people camping in trailers and RVs on the beach, and eventually made it to the state campground, where we would spend the next several minutes setting up our tents.

After everyone’s tents were set up, we walked from the campsite, down to the beach, just in time for a spectacular sunset. While we were there, we spotted large pelicans flying overhead and a pod of dolphins feeding on fish just a short distance from the shore.

Once it got dark, we returned to the campsite, just in time for our burrito dinner. As we ate, we sat around the campfire and talked with one another, well into the evening, before diving into our tents and using our new Bicycle Touring Pro beanies to keep our heads warm as we slept.

It was super cold in the morning, but as soon as we ate and the sun came out, we packed up our tents and prepared for the fantastic bike ride, back along the coast, through the farm fields and back to our starting location in the city of Camarillo.

Before reaching our destination, we cycled through a collection of homes decorated with animated characters, snowmen and reindeer, for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Click here to watch the FULL video from this year’s “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bicycle tour in Southern California.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to this year’s “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bike tour… and if this looks like an experience you might like to try for yourself one day, consider signing up for one of the future Bicycle Touring Pro tours on the website at:

Just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I enjoyed the “Bikes & Burritos” tour.  We loved hearing your stories of past tours, the outstanding route, good food and the group comradery.  We look forward to doing more tours with you, the Bicycle Touring Pro, in the future.
– Kevin Ansel

There are several bike tours and events being held in the coming year and I hope you’ll consider joining us on our next Bicycle Touring Pro “Bikes & Burritos” overnight bicycle tour!

Dave Endo, a first-time “Bikes & Burritos” tour participant, produced the video above from his experience on the overnight bicycle tour in Camarillo/Malibu, California. Please watch… and enjoy!

Kevin and Ximena Ansel also put together a short blog post about their experience on the “Bikes & Burritos” tour, which you can read here.

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