Train & Bike Horror Stories!

Train and Bike Horror Stories - Bicycle Touring Pro

Traveling on a train with your bicycle isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes, traveling with a bike on a train is a downright disaster!

In this new video/audio podcast, Darren Alff – the Bicycle Touring Pro, shares three train and bike horror stories from his bicycle touring adventures all around the world.

These are three stories about times when traveling on a train with a bicycle didn’t go exactly to plan and things nearly went to $*#^. Click play and listen as Darren recounts these three frightening tales of bike and train calamities from his travels in Germany, Austria and Sweden.

After you’re done listening to these three train and bike horror stories, be sure to pick up a copy of “The Bicycle Touring Blueprint” and learn how to travel on trains with your bicycle while avoiding the most common mistakes that people make when traveling by train with their bicycles. This 400+ page guide will teach you everything you need to know about traveling the world by bicycle, plus a whole lot more!

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