How To Find The Best Touring Bicycle

best kind of touring bicycle

 Before you can even begin to look for your ideal touring bicycle, you first need to understand the different types of bicycles tours – as the type of touring bicycle that is going to be best for you is going to be very much determined by the type of bicycle touring you wish to […]

Assembling Your Touring Bicycle – A Start To Finish Guide

how to build a touring bicycle

 Watch this video and discover how easy it is to take any basic touring bicycle and built it up with all the fenders, racks, panniers and other accessories needed to conduct either a short or long-distance bicycle touring adventure! After you’ve finished watching this video, head on over to the Bicycle Touring Pro video […]

How To Buy A New Touring Bicycle

How to buy a touring bicycle

You might think that buying a new touring bicycle is as easy as going online and ordering the bike you want, but you’ll quickly discover that most touring bicycles can NOT be purchased in this way. In this video, you will be guided through the bike buying process – from beginning to end. This is […]

Extra Parts & Accessories For Your Touring Bicycle

Extra Parts and Accories for a Touring Bicycle

 Speaking of things you might need to add to your bicycle once you purchase it, now would be a good time to talk about some of the extra parts, items and accessories you may need to purchase for your touring bicycle before you are ready to hit the road on your first big bicycle […]

Bikepacking Bags: Frame Packs, Seat Packs & Handlebar Bags

Bikepacking Bags for touring bicycles

 Bikepacking is a new form of bicycle touring that combines the best of mountain biking with the basic principles of long-distance backpacking. While traditional road-based bicycle touring consists of riding mostly on paved roads and bike paths, bikepacking consists of mostly off-road cycling on dirt or gravel roads and single-track trails. While road cyclists […]

Easily Begin Bicycle Touring With An Inexpensive 1 or 2-Wheeled Trailer

Bicycle Touring Trailer

Another way you might choose to carry the gear you need for your bicycle tour is to carry it in a trailer. A trailer is a large, one or two wheeled device that you pull be hind your bicycle – and the trailer usually attached to your bicycle at the rear axle or from your […]

Equipping Your Touring Bicycle With Racks & Panniers

Touring Bicycle Racks and Panniers

A traditional touring bicycle, like the one you have seen throughout this video course, carries most of its clothing, gear, food and equipment in a set of panniers, which attach to the bicycle with the use of either front or rear racks (or in this case, a set of both front and rear racks). This […]

The Best Saddle For Your Touring Bike

Touring Bicycle Saddles

 Most (but not all) touring bicycles come equipped with a saddle (also called a “seat”). In this video we’ll discuss what to look for in the design of a high-quality (and comfortable) touring bicycle saddle… and we’ll discuss some of the things you can do if you discover that the saddle on your touring […]

Touring Bicycle Handlebars & Shifters

Touring Bicycle Handlebars & Shifters

Your handlebars are not only the tool you use to steer your bicycle, but they also function as one of three surfaces on which to support your body weight as you ride (the other two being your saddle and your pedals), in addition to being a convenient mounting place for your bicycle’s shifters, brake levers, […]

Touring Bicycle Frame Materials

Touring Bicycle Frame Materials

The frame of your touring bicycle is the backbone of your machine. The components (i.e. derailleurs, shifters, brakes, etc.) can be changed and upgraded over time, but a weak, heavy or uncomfortably stiff frame will remain with you no matter what. Because of the weight that touring bikes need to carry and the amount of […]

Your First Touring Bicycle – An Introduction To Touring Bikes

How to buy a touring bicycle

Hello, my name is Darren Alff… and I am the Bicycle Touring Pro. In this video course I’m going to teach you four very important things that you need to know about touring bicycles… You’re going to learn what a touring bicycle is and how a touring bicycle differs from the road and mountain bike […]

Bike Virginia: An Epic 3 or 6-Day Bike Tour In The Shenandoah Valley

Bike Virginia - 2019

Join the Bicycle Touring Pro in June, 2019 for the week-long BIKE VIRGINIA cycling tour across the scenic Shenandoah Valley. Click here for details on how you can join this 3 or 6-day cycling event! 🚴 The 32nd annual BIKE VIRGINIA tour is taking place between the 21st and 26th of June, 2019… and I think […]